Deep Down, Dog People and Cat People Are The Same

Dog people are extroverts. Cat people are introverts.

Dog people are more politically conservative than cat people are.

Dog people claim Paul McCartney as their favorite Beatle. Cat people prefer George Harrison.

Honey the golden retriever spots a cat.

I see something interesting.

You’ve seen the infographics. Maybe you’ve even taken a quiz. You know that dog people and cat people are entirely different.

Or are they? I suspect that deep down, dog people and cat people are the same.

12 Ways Dog People and Cat People Are The Same

Both dog people and cat people

remove the pet fur from their pants one leg at a time

spend many hours of their week handling and disposing of poop

know the pain of missing the best part of their favorite movie as a furry friend suddenly decides to cuddle

have never known bathroom privacy

wish their friend could tell them when they’re feeling sick

know just how quickly a computer, fan, and refrigerator vents clogs with pet hair

become experts in interpreting ear positions, tail settings, and different vocal sounds

pay special attention to what their pet’s food looks like when it goes in and when it comes out

have broken engagements to spend time at home with their pet

sacrifice their decorating sense to make their animals comfortable and happy

worry when they get home from work and find the house strangely quiet

A cat in the neighborhood.

A friend for Honey?

And the most important way in which dog people and cat people are the same?

They love their furry snickerdoodles no matter what and wouldn’t part with them for the world.

Honey the golden retriever asks a question.

Why doesn’t she want to play with me?

Your Turn: The quizzes keep telling me I’m a cat person. Does the cat person vs dog person research hold true for you? Do you think there are major personality differences between dog people and cat people? What about people who live with both cats and dogs?





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  1. People who are “bi-petual”, aka, ME…prefer John Lennon to either Paul McCartney or George Harrison lol………
    Overall I DO find “cat” people to be more introspective, less trusting……..I am a mixture of both but veer towards being extremely anti-social——-that translates to cat.

  2. I would probably score out as a cat person, but am definitely a dog human.

  3. We think cat and dog people are very different. Their feelings towards their pets and the duties they perform out of love are similar but the people are quite different. We have cats and dogs, but Mom definitely favors us dogs.

  4. What a fun article. I’m a dog person and this gave me a great smile. Thank you.

  5. I always rank as a dog person but there is no ranking for an everything person! All of the above also apply to my past hamsters, fish, butterflies, snails, gerbils, rats, frogs, chameleons, guinea pig and birds. As well as the current lives I love! Truly a great list of how we are all similar. Thanks for the grin!

  6. That’s very true

  7. i think you are spot on!!

  8. My personality definitely fits a cat person, and that’s what I was for a lot of years. Now I have both pets, but think of myself more as a dog person. But I’m still introverted and lean more towards liberal than conservative. I never really had a favorite Beatle, so I’m not sure what that makes me. :)