Crazy Dog People Behind Closed Doors

I know what other people say about me. I’m a crazy dog person.

But how crazy would people think I am if they saw me with my dog behind closed doors?

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Crazy With Dogs At Home

Okay, I don’t dress Honey up in seventeenth century costumes and pretend we’re at Versailles. And my house isn’t overrun with hundreds of dogs like a hoarder.

But I do some pretty crazy stuff.

And I suspect I’m not the only one. Have you ever

  • sung songs to your dog (the Beatles kindly wrote a song about my dog)
  • changed the lyrics to include your dog’s name
  • danced with your dog

    Honey the golden retriever puppy is carried by Mike.

    You can’t tell from the picture but we’re doing a slow Foxtrot.

  • slid your dog around the floors on a blanket or bed (if she’s small) or
  • had your dog slide you around the floors on a blanket or bed (if he’s big)
  • sat on the floor to keep from disturbing your dog on the furniture

    Honey has mixed emotions about sitting on the couch with foster dogs.

    Sorry, no more room on the couch. But there’s plenty of room on the floor.

  • woken up to find a paw in your nostril
  • matched your outfit to your dog’s fur color
  • woken your dog from a deep sleep because you worried he had stopped breathing

    Honey the Golden Retriever lying on the couch.

    I’m up. I’m up. Stop poking me woman.

  • used a bag of poop to warm your hands on a cold walk
  • cooked for your dog and then eaten a sandwich over the sink because you’re too tired to cook for yourself
  • planned your vacation around what your dog likes to do

    Honey the golden retriever rides in a kayak.

    C’mon, did you really want to visit museums and fine restaurants in Paris instead of hanging out with me?

  • signed cards and letters as your dog (with her own unique handwriting or paw print)
  • created a blog or social media account for your dog

I could go on. But I have to get to work.

Because this crazy dog person has to keep her little fuzzy butt supplied with snacks and toys.

Your Turn: I’m not alone, right? What crazy things have you done at home with your dogs? 



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  1. I have moved from my comfy chair to sit on the couch with my furbabies. I bake dog cookies for them. And I have picked the color of my outfit to match them.

  2. Oh good lord! I swear my neighbors all think I am an insane dog person! Especially when I start to howl to make my huskies howl and we all start howling together!!! I can imagine the sound coming from my place! hahahaha!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Ever since we adopted Ducky I have said I’m a Crazy Dog Lady. My reason being that the last thing we needed was a third dog, especially a lunatic one. But if I go by your list — of which I’ve only NOT done two — I’ve been a Crazy Dog Person since I was five years old, when our family’s first dog was a puppy.
    I haven’t used a bag of poop to warm my hands on a cold walk. And I haven’t created a blog or social media account for my dogs. I created my own blog to journal about the dogs though. Does that count? :-)

  4. I could put out a whole album of songs I songs I made up about my dog Wally.

  5. Sitting on the floor watching television with my dogs so that we can cuddle together. Even my family looks at me strange when they walk by.

  6. I don’t understand why any of those things are “crazy,”

  7. This will sound sad but I find it sweet. The three dogs my daughter (now an adult) grew up with eventually became too old/sick to sleep in bed with her. They were falling off. So she simply took her bed down and sleeps on the floor. One by one she cuddled with them at their level in their final years. She is down to the last dog. She now carries the (50 lb) dog up and down the stairs each night for bedtime. I think it is wonderful she is this devoted to her childhood best friend.Crazy? No way.

  8. Ok, I would have to say “no” to warming my hands on a bag of fresh poop in the winter, haha! But, yes…just as crazy here. My favorite songs with custom lyrics are “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Free Falling” by Tom Petty (favorite line “She’s a good girl, loves her mama”).

  9. Everyone knows my mom is rather odd. She rarely sits on the furniture in the living room. Most evenings she is flat on the floor with us dogs and using 1-2 stuffies as a pillow under her head. She also often takes a 10 min power nap on her home office floor with her head on Bailie’s dog bed…Bailie is in the bed and snuggled around Mom’s head.

  10. Yup sounds like our house, minus the poop to warm hands I stay as far away from those bags as possible. :-) We dance with our dogs, hubby regularly picks them up just for fun.
    We used to not allow them on the couches but hubby wanted to sit with them so we’d all end up on the floor. So I gave up and allowed couch snuggling.
    We plan our trips around our dogs, look for dog friendly places to take them regularly.
    And are constantly making up theme songs for Dante.

  11. Those things aren’t crazy, at least to those of us who are true dog lovers!

    Blueberry loves helping when I bake. I got her used to licking the bowl when I bake her treats. But when I make human treats, I don’t let her have the bowl. Instead I spread peanut butter in a separate bowl and let her “help” me that way.

  12. I sat on the floor with my first dog until Mom relented and let him on the furniture too. I also bought a bigger recliner so my current dog could be comfortable sitting beside me in the chair. But probably the thing that other people would think is the craziest is taking along dog treats when we were to go through a drive up that doesn’t give dog treats, so I could hand the attendant one and ask that they give it to my dog. He just doesn’t understand drive up windows that don’t give dog treats!

  13. Guilty: “woken your dog from a deep sleep because you worried he had stopped breathing”

    …of that, and a few others on the list!

  14. That could be quite the list for me too. Dogs are people too, aren’t they?

  15. Yes people would definitely think my husband & I are nuts. He makes up songs for our pets all the time. Oh well, we’re all happy so that’s all that matters in the end.

  16. I’m a bonafide crazy dog lady, and have done many of the items on this list. I’ve never done it (never thought of it) but using a poop bag to warm one’s hands is brilliant!

  17. Oh no, I was just singing to Luke a little while ago….I don’t even know what song it was but I was using his name and variations of it over and over!
    I don’t necessarily sit on the floor, but I’ll contort myself around one of the dogs so I can sit with them on the couch.
    And I’ve definitely woken them up many times to make sure they’re still breathing…especially Kobi when he got older and was such a deep sleeper…he gave us a scare more than once!

  18. They don’t sing to me as much as they did when I was a puppy. They used to sing to me all the time then and include my name in the song. But they always sing my favourite song at Christmas, it’s “Clowie the wet-nosed doggie” (the tune is a bit like the one about a reindeer called Rudolph). They don’t slide me around, but there’s nothing that Mulberry, the cat, likes better than sliding around in a cardboard box!

  19. I hardly ever ride my motorcycle anymore because the dogs can’t come with me. I’ve considered a side-car but that’d be too dangerous …

  20. No you are not alone. I’ve done all of these, except for the blanket pulling. LOL And yes, my last vacation was totally planned around the dogs and we never left the dogs alone in the house either, instead we ventured out individually so someone would always be with them.

  21. And of course staying home on Friday night because you don’t like the thought of leaving your dog home by himself? :)

  22. There are some songs that will never sound the same because I hear my dog’s name or nicknames in them!