Crabby The Crabber? Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes you see things that make no sense.

Honey wonders about Crabby the Crabber.

Okay, it’s a crab. And he’s holding a crab trap.

Honey the golden retriever wonders about Crabby.

Isn’t that a little like a steer holding up a steak knife?

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  1. And the crab is dressed like a crabber too. Is it revenge of the giant crabs? Is that a people trap?

  2. He’s holding up the crab trap in victory because he got a hold of some of those pills in Wonderland that make you larger and so now, no stinking puny crab trap can defeat him. That was easy, bring on the next mystery to be solved!

    • Oh my, you have quite the imagination. Are you a Hollywood screenwriter in real life? Because I could imagine laying Sharknado at your feet. πŸ™‚

      • Ha! I never think I have that much of an imagination until I share some of my thoughts with people thinking they must be thinking the same thing and finding out they don’t and they actually either find what I’ve said funny or frightening.

  3. Haha! We see those crazy statues and sculptures in different places and I’m always trying to figure out how a picture of Haley with the crazy thing would make sense. You make it work, Honey!

  4. He must have escaped the crab trap and this is his victory dance! Dance with him Honey!!

  5. Honey, you should know by now…humans don’t always make a lot of sense.

    • And Honey isn’t as good at keeping from making faces when her humans make her pose with silly objects. Unlike you, Emma. πŸ™‚

  6. Honey looks so patient and understanding of human foibles. We love that dogs don’t judge us.

  7. LOL!! That’s a great find, Honey!

  8. Odd ‘yard art’ but Honey sure is patient about it all. Maybe she’s waiting for her fish flavored treat? ღ

  9. He’s about to smash it to the ground!

  10. How weird looking, haha!

  11. That is funny, I wish there was an explanation on a plaque nearby, of course I guess art is meant to be interpreted.

    • There is a small plaque on the ground. That’s how we found it it was Crabby the Crabber. But we still don’t understand it. πŸ™‚

  12. Hah, and fast food places usually have pictures of smiling chickens and cows, and seafood places have smiling fish. Not sure how that makes sense.

  13. Such a cutie! Was this in NC?

  14. All I can say is “whaaateverrrr”.