Conversations With My Dog

If you live near my house, you’ve heard the following exchange drifting out the open windows.

And yes, this post reflects actual conversations with my dog.

Honey the golden retriever sits on the porch.

If you didn’t leave me on the porch I wouldn’t have to shout.

Honey (downstairs): “Woof.”

Pamela (upstairs): “You don’t say.”

Honey: “Woof. Woof. Woof, woof, woof, woof.”

Pamela: “Really? And then what did you say?”

Honey: “Woof. Woof. Woof.”

Pamela: “She said what?”

Honey: “Woof, woof, woof. Woof!”

Pamela: “Well that’s outrageous. Why don’t you come up here and tell me more?”

Honey: “Woof.”

Honey the golden retriever wants to chat.

Let’s talk.

I have no idea what Honey thinks of my responses to her barking. I certainly find it amusing to “talk back” to her when she’s barking to tell me she’s lonesome and she wants me to come back downstairs or call her up to my side.

But should I worry that my neighbors will think I’m crazy? Or just assume they’ll know I’m making mischief by having a conversation with my dog?

Looking For Pictures Of You And Your Dog

Last week I asked if you and your dog look alike and I announced a little experiment. But we can’t do it without you.

You have until September to send me one picture of you and one picture of your dog so we can do our study.

Don’t wait. Send your pictures today. Click on the image below to learn more. And feel free to share my notice by right clicking to download the picture.

Do you look like your dog.

Your Turn: Do you have nonsense conversations with your dog? If so, what does your dog think of it? And how about your neighbors?


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  1. Well, your conversations with Honey may be nonsense, but my conversations with Jack & Maggie are deep and meaningful 😉

    • Well Jack and Maggie do have that intellectual look about them. I’m not surprised a bit.

      Honey’s more of a gossip girl. :)

  2. Harley and I talk all the time, but he doesn’t bark, he just looks and twists his head – I respond and the conversation is on….

  3. Mummy asks my opinion when we go shopping at the pet store, and we always get some funny looks lol

    • You’d think that would be the last place to get funny looks for talking to a dog. Doesn’t everyone ask their dog what treats and toys they want? :)

  4. Mom usually just talks to us and we rarely answer back. I’m sure people find her weird, but we don’ mind her senseless chatter.

    • Some trainers say we talk to her dogs too much. But I’m glad that Honey is as forgiving of my senseless chatter as you and your sisters are of your mom’s.

  5. My dog doesn’t answer me when I talk to him, however I do talk to my cats and they always have a quick response. They always have lots to say!

  6. I talk to Rita all the time, but like a typical teen, she tends to roll her eyes and look the other way. The hubs and I have conversations all the time though where he converses with Rita, and I answer for her. “How was your day?” “It was okay.” (said in a bored teenager voice.) It can go on like that for a while… Hopefully the neighbors don’t hear.

    • Yeah, I answer for Honey sometimes too. Mike says he can tell what kind of mood I’m in based on what Honey “says.”

  7. Sounds very sensible to me! I was out walking BD the other day and he started to grumble and so I grumbled back at him. This went on for a little while and then I turned around to find a runner starring at me open mouthed. I think maybe he was just tired from his run right?!

  8. We have daily conversations. Is this problematic? Ijs lol

  9. Ha ha! So cute. :) I used to do that with Sephi. Maya and Pierson not so much, but Sephi was very talkative if she wanted to play or if it was close to meal-time. I’d ask her if she wanted lamb or chicken, and she tell me. So I’d ask if she wanted it fried or baked, and she’d tell me. The conversation would go on for a bit until Sephi was so excited she could hardly contain herself. I miss my Sephi.

  10. Our conversations are too absurd to even admit we have them. Honestly I think Fozzie understands every word, though of course Daria doesn’t hear a bit of it. I still talk to her; just don’t expect the level of exchange I have with Fozzie.

    • Well Fozzie has been listening to you much longer. After all, you have that funny human accent that doesn’t pronounce things the way dogs do. :)

  11. I’m just grateful our neighbors aren’t too close, because I’m sure they would think I’m a little crazy if they could overhear me talking to the dogs.
    I’m trying to figure out which dog I might look the most like….I’m guessing Sheba since we’re both blondes. Will try to get some decent photos!

    • I teach classes for first home buyers in real life. Lots of students tell me they want to own some land so they can have privacy. Now I’m going to wonder if they really mean they want to be far enough away so their neighbors don’t hear them talking to their dogs.

  12. I don’t have neighbours :) I always talk to my dogs, I can’t say we have conversations as they rarely answer me.

    The other day I was chopping some kindling and Asher was a little way away. I noticed he was looking in the direction of the paddock next door. I asked him what he was looking at and I nearly chopped a finger off when a male voice said “That would probably be me”! There was a guy there spraying weeds I hadn’t noticed, lol!

  13. Funny post! I do the same exact thing. It’s so hilarious. I do know that my neighbors hear me because they tell me, “I always love to hear you talk to your dogs”. Yikes! Some of those conversations were downright crazy!