Celebrating Heartprint Pets

What is the best pet blog tagline ever?

It’s the description of Heartprint Pets: “Celebrating the Creatures That Leave Their Imprints on Our Hearts.”

Isn’t that great? I know my heart is covered in paw prints.Header for Heartprint Pets.

What is Heartprint Pets?

Blogger Lisa created Heartprint Pets as a celebration of her lifelong love of animals. But she doesn’t limit herself to sweet, fluffy stories about the joys of living with animals. After all, we know that already.

No, instead, Lisa has created a very newsy site promoting pet adoption at every turn. And not just dogs and cats. Lisa also shares her home with a parrotlet named, Sweet Pea.

Heartprint Pets is the only blog I know that celebrated National Bird Day yesterday.

Where is Heartprint Pets?

The easier question might be where isn’t Heartprint Pets.

Lisa is a social media diva and you can find her and her adopted Bichon Frise, Delia, all over the web.

She’s also writes the St. Louis Pet Rescue Examiner site.

Delia and best friend Phoebe at work.

Delia and best friend Phoebe at work.

What is the Heart of Heartprint Pets?

Lisa has a heart for adoption. Visit her site and you’ll find search windows for PetFinder and AdoptaPet.com.

She volunteers for local adoption causes. And her writing emphasizes adoption events, like the 2011 Pooches in the Park event at Busch stadium which featured local adoption groups.

I think I just became a Cardinals fan. Sorry, Orioles.

Share the Love with Heartprint Pets

I’m thrilled to share this wonderful blog as part of the Pet Blogger Gift Exchange. I hope you’ll check out Heartprint Pets.


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