Celebrate Your Colorful Pet

Yeah, I’m one of those irritating people who rants about stores putting Christmas stuff out before Halloween.

But there’s one time I don’t mind thinking about Christmas early. And it has to do with art, crafts, and dogs.

Honey the golden retriever with bed and bone.

Are you saying I’m not worth spending three months trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for?

You Needed 3 Months To Find That?

How long does it really take to pick up some cheap tchotchke at Walmart? Do we really need to have Christmas displays in late September so we can find just the right Wii game or Nylabone?

I’m getting steamed just thinking about it.

But my favorite gifts are unique and hand-made. And it’s those unusual and hand crafted items that take a little time.

Watercolors of dogs playing on the beach.

I adored these watercolors of dogs on the beach. Unfortunately, they had to find a new home.

I sold nearly everything I owned before we moved onto the boat.

But a few of my favorite things made the cut. And many of them are hand-made.

Mosaic sea shell mirror.

Luckily, my mosaic sea shell mirror isn’t likely to be damaged by sea water. So it has found a new home on the boat.

Beautiful Things Take Time

I recently “met” an artist whose unique pet portraits I love.


OMD! How adorable is this pup portrait by Allison Gray?

Allison Gray perfectly captures your loved pet from a photograph you provide and turns it into a colorful watercolor portrait.

Go Gray Artwork

Who wouldn’t want to have this sweet pup looking at them every day?

Your modest investment of $45 (plus shipping) gives you a unique and colorful portrait you can enjoy forever.

And Allison donates $10 for every portrait to support animal rescue.

How cool is that?

Go Gray Artwork

What a sweet face.

I have a picture of Honey I think would make a lovely portrait. But sadly, Mike and I have agreed not to risk damaging original works of paper art by having them on our sure-to-be damp boat.

Honey the golden retriever plays fetch.

Couldn’t you just see me in a beautiful painting? I’m prettier than the Mona Lisa for sure.

But you don’t live on a boat.

And a custom pet portrait could be a special gift. For yourself. Or someone you love who loves their pet.

Custom pet portraits take from 2-4 weeks so now is the time to think about Christmas. Because beauty takes time. I promise I won’t rant at you for getting ready for Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever) too early.

Click the ad below or in the sidebar to go directly to Go Gray Artwork to learn how you can order your custom pet portrait.

Celebrate your colorful pet.

Go Gray Artwork

Click to learn how to order your colorful pet portrait.




Disclosure: I was compensated for placing an ad for Go Gray Artwork on the website. I only promote items I absolutely love and think you will too.

Your Turn: Have you ever gotten a professional portrait of your pet?






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  1. Great gift idea too.

  2. I always tell myself I need to start shopping for the holidays in October… but it just never happens LOL. I also enjoy the unique gifts. These portraits are gorgeous! They remind me a little bit of the one I have of Shiner.

  3. It has been on my bucket list for Sheba to have her portrait done. But I haven’t been able to find just the right one that is affordable. This just might fit the bill!

    • I think Sheba would look adorable in this style. I was surprised that Allison didn’t have a golden retriever on her online portfolio. But I’d love to see one.

  4. Oooh, I like the looks of that style! Nola has several portraits; what’s one more?

  5. I’d love to have a portrait of Callie and Shadow together, the way they always were. I wonder if she’d be willing to oblige me?

    • Allison states in her FAQs that she feels single pet portraits are better balanced. But she gives an example of a portrait of two cats she feels works. I suspect it would depend on your picture and whether it would do both girls justice.

      Here’s a link to Allison’s comments about multi-pet portraits: http://gograyartwork.com/faq/#multipets

  6. HA, I’m in your club of ranting about Christmas shopping 3 months before December 25th 😉 I have yet to get a custom portrait of our pups, so this might just work out! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow, love her work! I’ve never ordered a custom portrait of Rita, but I do OWN one! My long-distance friend (whom I’ve never even met…) sent me a beautiful oil painting of Rita’s face. She wanted to give her recently graduated art student niece some work. It came out so great! We just love it! It’s really nice to have custom works of your pups! (I also have a couple of custom iPad “paintings” my one sis did for me of all the dogs, and I painted a watercolor of our beagle years ago for the hubs – and it even came out cute! I really should start painting again… One of these days.)

  8. Those are gorgeous.

  9. I love her paintings! Actually the 3rd picture down is one she did for me! I got it for my mother’s bday and she loves i! The dog, Whiskey, pasted away a few years back but he was such a sweet guywith such a big personality and GoGray captured all of that in the painting.

    • Wow, Whiskey was adorable! And I can see why you were pleased. Allison really seems to capture facial expressions so well.

  10. I have yet to do the portrait thing yet. All those are gorgeous.

  11. These are so gorgeous!!

    • I know. I love her style.

      And she really captures a dog’s expression. I can only imagine what she would do with a Ziva grin. :)


  1. […] out there, how to choose? I was thrilled when our friend Pamela at Something Wagging this Way Comes shared the art of Allison Gray. Her watercolor portraits are colorful, unique, and truly capture the essence of your pet from a […]