What Has Changed For Honey In the Dinghy?

Here’s Honey coming back to our sailboat, “Meander” in February 2017.

Natural Beauty – Wordless Wednesday

We prefer natural beauty. Can you tell?

Honey Says No To The Bahamas – Wordless Wednesday

Honey laid down the law. No long ocean passages for her. Not even to go to the Bahamas.

The Best Dog Bed Ever – Wordless Wednesday

What’s The Best Dog Bed? Let’s ask Honey.

The Boat Flower – Wordless Wednesday

What’s the prettiest part of the boat?

At The End Of A Long Day…

…nothing feels better than taking off your life jacket.

Meeting Friends Along The Way – Wordless Wednesday

What Honey most loves about being on the boat is the same thing I most love about being on the boat. It’s meeting friends along the way, like this one.

Sticky Bliss – Wordless Wednesday

Honey loves the Palmetto State. Why?

Honey Would Rather Have…

Flowers are pretty to us. But Honey would rather have…

What, No Margaritas?

It’s nice when businesses set out water bowls for dogs, but…

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