Don’t You Just Love A Dog In Uniform? – Wordless Wednesday

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of dogs in clothes. So why is Honey so often wearing a jacket? Is it for safety? 

Crabby The Crabber? Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes you see things that make no sense.

When Is A Boat Better Than An RV?

Living on a boat is like living in an RV. But an RV is more comfortable and less complicated than a sailboat. Except one time when a boat is definitely better than an RV. Can you guess when?

Nothing Like A Good Stick – Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes there’s no toy better than a good stick.   What is your dog’s favorite “found” toy?

Making New Friends – Wordless Wednesday


Dogs Are Disgusting – Wordless Wednesday

Honey, my beautiful, dainty pup, is attracted to the most horrible things. Sometimes, dogs are disgusting.

How To Take Your Dog For A Walk – Wordless Wednesday

How to take your dog for a walk in seven easy steps. Step one…

Saying Goodbye – Wordless Wednesday

Hallelujah! We’re saying goodbye to an evil creature neither Honey or I will miss one bit.

All You Need Is…

Like the song says— All You Need Is…

Will She Do It? Wordless Wednesday

It’s high. It’s scary. But it’s home. Will she do it? Will Honey climb the wobbly, high steps with grates for treads and open risers to get on board the boat?

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