What Dog People Really Want To Know

Honey the Golden Retriever sheds.

I scanned the list of search phrases that bring people to Something Wagging.  Yep, lots of the usual suspects: “woman dog sex” (thanks to this post), “golden retriever” (obviously), and “how to dispose of dog poop” (thanks to this post). But then I saw it. The search phrase that made me gag. “Why do dogs freak […]

Your Dog Doesn’t See The World The Same Way Twice

Honey the golden retriever on a rock in Fall Creek.

We like to think of our dogs as Zen masters. They, unlike us, are present in the moment. When they walk, they walk. When they sniff, they sniff. They don’t eat while watching tv. Or plan their weekend while chasing a ball. But did you ever think of what it means to be totally engaged in […]

What Are Dog Toy Makers Thinking? – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever loves her tiki toy.

  Thanks for stopping by from the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. And while you’re here, don’t forget to enter our Solvit Telescoping Pet Ramp Giveaway!

Love the Pups, Hate the Products – The Curse of Super Bowl Dog Ads

When watching Super Bowl ads, sometimes I love the pups but hate the products.

My favorite part of Downton Abbey is seeing the single wag of a labrador’s tale in the opening credits. I rate movies by how many dogs appear in them. Is it any wonder I like commercials featuring dogs? With Sunday’s Super Bowl, I’m sure I’ll see plenty of dog commercials. But even when I love […]

What’s the Difference Between Pets, Wild Animals, and Livestock?

How are animals different?

If you’re looking for a brilliant explanation of why humans put other animals into categories, you won’t find it here. Sorry. My opinion is that people find it convenient to treat animals differently based on what we want from them. Do we want animals to keep us company? Work for us? Hold up a romantic […]

When the Dog Changes the Plan – Train Your Dog Month Challenge

Honey the Golden Retriever is dog tired of sailing.

We’re just going to have fun. No big goals. No tough challenges. For our Train the Dog Month Challenge, Honey and I are going to have a good time doing tricks for treats. But sometimes the dog changes the plan. Or some human changes the plan and blames it on the dog. Honey Goes Sailing […]

The Daily Dog Blog – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

Daily Dog Blog

Type a line. Stop to detach the puppy from your pants leg. Post a photo. Pick up the whining puppy for a quick potty break. Answer an email. Look for the puppy who is suspiciously quiet. That’s what daily life looks like for Julie. And yet she occasionally finds a moment to share her love […]

The Daily Dog Tag – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange

Daily Dog Tag

What’s more beautiful? Great photographs of dogs having fun? Or the thought of every dog finding a loving home? In Daily Dog Tag, you get both. Beth Patterson features the best pet photographers. But she also emphasizes gorgeous images that give a homeless dog a better chance to find a forever home. One photographer featured recently, […]

Your Dog’s Leash – Is it a Steering Wheel or a Communication Tool?

Honey the golden retriever walks nicely on leash.

I see it all the time. I bet you do too. The dog wants to sniff something. His person wants to keep walking. She grabs hard on the leash and pulls the dog in a new direction. Sadly, I’ve done it myself. Treated my dog’s leash like a steering wheel. But I’m trying to remember […]

The Thoughtful Gift Guide for Dogs and the People Who Love Them

Terra cotta dog ornaments from Ten Thousand Villages.

I love looking for gifts. But I hate shopping. That’s why I spend weeks trying to think of just the right gifts before stepping foot in a store. And sometimes I make gifts so I don’t need to shop. If you’re a thoughtful gift giver, check out my list of unusual gift ideas for dogs […]

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