Tue Cute Tuesday – Adventure Kitty

I’m in love. With Laetitia and Guillaume. But mostly with Kitty. The true tale of Adventure Kitty In 2009, Laetitia and Guillaume set out from Miami, Florida intending to walk to Tierra Del Fuego. Along the way, they adopted Kitty. They documented their travels at their blog, Turn of the World. Eventually Laetitia gave up […]

Dog Park Duties – Tue Cute Tuesday

Did you ever notice some dogs take on jobs at the dog park? Some instigate play. Others patrol the perimeters. Honey’s job is to greet each new person who enters the park. Over the weekend, Honey met a Greyhound who assigned himself the job of Constable. Here you’ll find him checking Honey’s ID.   Does […]

Let Us Now Praise Naked Dogs – Tue Cute Tuesday

Halloween is over. That means I have nearly a month to enjoy canine nudity before the Santa hats and elf costumes make their appearances.

Tue Cute Tuesday – Honey Returns to the Mall

Apparently allowing dogs into the mall is good for business. Spread the word. Socializing Honey at the Mall When Honey was ten weeks old, we attended the Pet Expo at the Shops at Ithaca Mall. A clean, safe area for socialization was just what she needed. Since then, we attended the Pet Expo in April […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Caption this Picture

The day Honey came home with us, we both looked a little shell-shocked. I wonder why? Just how much trouble could 9 pounds of cute be? Do you have a better caption? If so, share it in the comments.

Tue Cute Tuesday – At the Dog Park

What do I love best about the dog park? Listening to the love and pride in people’s voices when they talk about their dogs. While Honey and her friend were chasing each other around the park, I said to the black dog’s person, “Wow, she’s really fast.” He replied with a few minutes of stories […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Making Friends at the Lake

Dogs who don’t like dogs; and the people who love them I’ve always loved taking my dogs with me to different places. Unfortunately, two dogs in my adult lifetime have been fearful and reactive toward other dogs and situations. Because of that, we’ve gone to concerts on the lawn to find ourselves edging farther and […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Pure Pup Fan-tastic

Somehow I’ve become the high priestess of the Pup Fan cult. I don’t see other bloggers who attended BlogPaws being scolded for not revealing the identity of the funny and mysterious Pup Fan. So I reluctantly take on my responsibilities. With no more delay, no hiding behind Pup Fantasmagoric projections (see, that near perfect verbal […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – Primped and Pretty for BlogPaws

In the more than 20 years I’ve had dogs, I’ve never been to a professional groomer. As I noted yesterday, I’ve always had low-maintenance dogs–an occasional bath, a brush and a nail trim was all I ever had to do. Reluctant Groom I’ve been ambivalent about going to a groomer. And reading about the recent […]

Tue Cute Tuesday – You Could Fly With Those Ears!

Honey has all four paws off the ground. I think it’s only a matter of time before she flies.

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