The Miraculous Way To Make More Time To Train Your Dog

We never have enough time in the day. How can we fit training our dog into an already full schedule? Here’s my miraculous way to make time to train your dog.

10 Things To Do While Waiting With Your Dog

Poor Honey. She’s always waiting for something. Waiting for the vet. Waiting for one of us to come out of the store. Waiting for us to stop talking to someone. What if we found special things to do while waiting with our dog?

The Best Way To Find Your Lost Pet While Traveling

One of my biggest worries about setting sail with Honey is reuniting if we got separated. If the worst happens, I’ve found the best way to keep Honey from staying lost while we’re traveling. And it’s probably a good idea for you too.

6 Tips To Get Your Dog Ready For Adventure

Regular Something Wagging readers know we’re getting our dog Honey ready to live aboard a sailboat. Many of the things we’re doing for Honey might help you even if the only adventure you’re planning is a trip to the vet, a long drive, or a kayak trip across a pond. Here are a few of […]

7+ Tips For Sharing Your Bed With A Dog

Instead of folding up Honey’s crate and moving it to the attic every morning before prospective buyers come to look at the house, we’ve decided to let her sleep on the bed. Yeah, that’s why I’m yawning. But I do have some great tips for sharing your bed with a dog. Tips For Sharing Your […]

Get Down On Your Dog’s Level – Quick Tips

My dog Honey is the perfect size. Her head lies right where my hand falls when I walk. But wait. Doesn’t that mean she’s always staring at my knees? I need to remember to get down on my dog’s level sometimes.

Sometimes It’s Okay To Reply To Your Dog’s Bark

My husband is outside shoveling snow. I’m upstairs writing. Honey, who just finished breakfast, is downstairs barking. What should I do? How should I reply to my dog’s bark?

How Tolstoy Taught My Dog Not To Jump – Quick Tips

Is there anything more annoying than having a dog jumping on you when you’re trying to do something? Okay, maybe you don’t understand if your dog weighs less than 20 pounds. But if you live with a big dog, you know what I mean. Big jumping dogs knock you off-balance. Slobber on your face. And […]

A Life Saving SECRET For Introducing Dogs On Leash

If you have a friendly and playful dog, you’ve done the dance. You know the one. Where your dog plays with another dog while you and the other person struggle to keep the leashes from getting tangled. I’ve done it with flexible leashes where I worried that my wrist was going to be amputated. I’ve […]

17 Stimulating Jobs For Your Dog

We feed them. We share our beds with them. We buy houses and cars (and sail boats) they’ll feel comfortable living in. Our dogs have it pretty good. Maybe it’s time we give them jobs. A Working Dog Is A Happy Dog Work feels good. It challenges our minds and bodies. It stimulates us. And […]

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