Scratch and Sniff Dog – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever just had a bath.

I need some clever geek to invent something—a scratch and sniff app for computers. You see, Honey just had a bath. She smells wonderful. And she feels even better. So soft. Heck, maybe it’s a hidden feature of WordPress and I never realized it. So go ahead. Scratch and sniff. And tell me Honey is […]

What Dog People Really Want To Know

Honey the Golden Retriever sheds.

I scanned the list of search phrases that bring people to Something Wagging.  Yep, lots of the usual suspects: “woman dog sex” (thanks to this post), “golden retriever” (obviously), and “how to dispose of dog poop” (thanks to this post). But then I saw it. The search phrase that made me gag. “Why do dogs freak […]

Do You Wear Ugly Shoes When You Walk YOUR Dog?

Do you wear ugly shoes when you walk your dog?

6 Benefits of Sharing A Bed With Your Dog

Honey the golden retriever in bed.

I got the message. Stop being a wimp. Put on my big girl panties. And stop whining about sharing the bed with my dog. Time to look at the benefits of sharing a bed with my dog. Benefit #1: Save money on dental floss. By the time I pull Honey’s tail fur out from between my […]

Caption The Picture – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever is sniffed at the dog park.

When I found this old picture yesterday for my post on enjoying the dog park, I wondered how you would caption it. Give it your best shot. What is Honey thinking? Thanks For The Marriage Advice When I asked if I should be worried about my husband sleeping with a blonde, nearly everyone had the same […]

Should I Be Worried About My Husband?

Honey and Mike in hotel

Dear S’Waggers, When I read advice columns in the newspaper, I wonder what drives someone to write to a stranger for advice. But now I find myself tempted to do the same. Except I’m not reaching out to strangers. I’m reaching out to you, my S’Wagger friends. Should I be worried about my husband? Let […]

Honey Declares Her Independence

Honey the Golden Retriever declares her independence on july 4.

In Ithaca, July 4, 2014. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen moods of Honey, When in the Course of canine events, it becomes necessary for one dog to dissolve the leash bonds which have connected her with her person, and to assume among the powers of the neighborhood, the separate and equal station to which […]

Should You Get A Dog? Only If…

Honey the golden retriever asks: Should you get a dog?

You can take a quiz for darn near any decision you need to make. I know you’ve seen them too: “Are You Ready To Marry Him? Take Our Quiz.” “Is Now The Right Time To Go Back To School? Answer Five Easy Questions To Find Out.” “Is Your Boyfriend Kinky? A Cosmo Quiz Tells You […]

Take Your Dog To Work Day – 8 Tips To Make It Work

Honey the golden retriever puppy goes to work.

Honey started working with me when she was eight weeks old. She was the best office mate I’ve ever had. Today is the sixteenth anniversary of Take Your Dog To Work Day. Here’s insider information on what it’s really like to take your dog to work. Ask your boss before bringing your dog to work for the first time. Outline […]

Words Only Dog People Know

10 Words Only Dog People Know

When you love a dog, you need a whole new vocabulary. The Oxford English Dictionary, even unabridged, does not have enough words to describe things dog people know well. Here are just a few words I’ve learned to better describe living with dogs. 10 Words Only Dog People Know How many of these words do you […]

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