What Makes Us Irresistible To Dogs?

Connecting with my Golden Retriever.

You’ve probably heard the advice from trainers. If you want your dog to pay attention to you, you have to be the most interesting person ever. But what exactly does that mean? Is it more than just carrying yummy treats? And what about dogs who aren’t food motivated? What can we do to make ourselves […]

4 Signs of Fall – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever lies in the fallen leaves.

As Honey and I walk around the neighborhood, we look for these common signs of fall. Thank goodness. I don’t think we’re ready for snow yet. Your Turn: What do you like the most about fall? What do you like the least?

Why Does My Dog Look So Sad?

Honey the golden retriever with flowers.

I have thousands of pictures of my dog Honey. But almost none of them show her looking happy. You know—with loose floppy ears and a big smile. In fact, in most of our pictures my dog looks kinda sad. Or at least still and calm instead of joyous and frolicsome. Is it me? Is it her? […]

My Dog Is A Brat

Honey the Golden Retriever will sleep on the bed when the pet sitter comes.

I’ve read those stories. I’m sure you have too. About the dogs who seem to understand their person is undergoing serious medical treatment so they settle down and offer quiet comfort. Or how about the high-energy dog who recognizes her sister just back from surgery is a little fragile so she tempers her enthusiastic play? […]

The Dog Lover’s Guide To Fall

Honey the Golden Retriever - why does my dog do that

The shocking red and orange leaves I can see from my front window, darkness falling earlier, and a slight nip in the air tell me something is changing. It must be fall. But since I’m a dog lover, my fall is different from a normal person’s. Is yours? How A Dog Lover Sees Fall Leaves […]

If I Were A Dog, I’d Be A…

Honey the Golden Retriever is a puppy, not a child.

I recently took one of those click bait quizzes I found online to see what kind of dog I’d be. As usual, it said I was definitely a Labrador retriever—affable, smart, outdoorsy, a little clumsy, and likes to eat. Yep, that sounds about right. But it isn’t the whole truth. I suspect I have a […]

Do You Look Like Your Dog – The Answers

Honey and Pam at the Ithaca festival.

Do you look like your dog? Scientists say yes.   One study found that a stranger could match a picture of a person and her dog 80% of the time. And a Japanese scientist found that the secret was in the eyes. By just looking at eyes, people made correct matches 75% of the time. So I […]

Where’s The Puppy?

Honey the golden retriever relaxes with Oliver the foster puppy.

Last week I announced we were bringing home a new foster puppy. And then I disappeared. Why? Because just showering, feeding the family, and getting my paid work done is hard enough with a puppy in the house. Add blogging to the mix? No way. When my husband got home from work, one phrase dominated […]

The Puppy Is Coming – Switching Gears

Honey the golden retriever puppy goes to work.

It’s happening. And I’ve got to get ready. The puppy is coming. Returning our latest foster dog, Blanche, to the SPCA and picking up a new puppy will be like turning that pleasant float downstream into a ride through raging rapids. Everything in the house looks different when you see it through the eyes of […]

Do You Look Like Your Dog? The Experiment

Do you look like your dog?

Did you know that strangers can match a picture of a person to a picture of their dog 80% of the time? Amazing isn’t it? But what’s really amazing is that even when the pictures show only the eyes of the dog and their person, the experiment’s subjects guess correctly 75% of the time. I […]

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