When A Foster Dog Visits…

Blanche the foster beagle laughs.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When a foster dog visits, things change. If the foster is a puppy, we reorganize the house—put dirty laundry behind closed doors, block off the stairs, and set up an exercise pen and crate. But even when the foster dog is a polite, adult dog who just needs a calm […]

21 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than People

Reasons dogs are better than people with golden retriever.

I’m a gregarious extrovert. I love people. If I spend too much time alone I get cranky. But even I know dogs are way better than people. Want to see my list? Dogs Are Better Than People Because… 1. I have never once convinced a person to do something I wanted them to by offering […]

5 Tips For Training Stupid Humans

Training stupid humans.

You take your dog to puppy class or hire a private trainer. You work on training when you go on walks. By now, your dog is shaping up into a polite companion. Don’t you wish you could figure out how to train the stupid humans you meet on your walks? Techniques For Training Stupid Humans […]

The Curse Of A Perfect Dog

Honey the golden retriever is a perfect dog.

I read dog stories every day. I love seeing pictures of Sage seeking out mud with the efficiency of a heat-seeking missile. And reading about Delilah stealing popcorn while no one is looking. But I’m also jealous. It isn’t easy when your dog is Little Miss Perfect. She never digs in the garbage, surfs the counters for […]

Honey Shows Her Wild Side – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever plays with her stuffed lamb.

Honey is a gentle girl. But sometimes her wild side comes out and she thinks she’s a beast tearing the guts out of her prey. See?    

Conversations With My Dog

Honey the golden retriever wants to chat.

If you live near my house, you’ve heard the following exchange drifting out the open windows. And yes, this post reflects actual conversations with my dog. Honey (downstairs): “Woof.” Pamela (upstairs): “You don’t say.” Honey: “Woof. Woof. Woof, woof, woof, woof.” Pamela: “Really? And then what did you say?” Honey: “Woof. Woof. Woof.” Pamela: “She said what?” Honey: […]

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Do you look like your dog.

We all know people and their dogs look alike. After all, check out Winston Churchill and his bulldog. Except Churchill had poodles. So do people really look like their dogs? Or is it an urban myth? Ask Science If People Look Like Their Dogs Some scientists had extra grant money hanging around. So they decided to experiment […]

The Poopy Puppy Pouch of Death

Honey the golden retriever lies in her crate.

Me: “What’s that smell?” Mike: “Smells like swiss cheese.” Me: “It smells like POOP!” And so it begins. Pondering the puzzling putrescence that pounded our perceptions. I hadn’t been in the basement for the past few days. So putting my bike away after sailing was my first exposure to the fetid odor that clung to the […]

Winter is Coming – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever sits in snow.

The dogs of the dog days of summer must be huskies. Because we recently saw nighttime temperatures of 48°F/9°C. In August! Is it time to say goodbye to this? And to get ready for this? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  

Do You Love Dogs For Their Looks?

Honey the golden retriever is beautiful.

Dogs are (wo)man’s best friend. They give unconditional love. They live in the moment. They make us laugh. That’s what everyone says. But do we really expect people to believe we love dogs for their characters? I don’t think we’re so deep. In fact, most of us can’t resist a pretty face. And we really love dogs […]

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