I’m Cured! Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever at the Hot Spot.

Yahoo! Honey is cured!

Why Should Cats Have All The Fun?

A golden retriever in a box asks why cats should have all the fun.

Honey has one question:

Oh No! I’m A Minion!

Are you a dog's minion?

I’ve about had it with those squeaky, yellow suppositories that pop up everywhere you look. Y’know. those minions?* But I’ve come to a horrible realization. I’m a minion. Are you?

8 Photos of Happiness

Honey the golden retriever puppy chews on a toy.

With all the chaos of moving, I’ve been thinking about what makes Honey truly happy. But don’t pictures speak louder than words?

9 Reasons Everyone Should Sail With A Dog

Honey and Pam on beach

During the long wait to buy our new sailboat, I’ve had plenty of time to say to myself, “MY DOG. AM I CRAZY TO WANT TO LIVE ON A SMALL BOAT WITH A BIG DOG?” Yes, yes I am crazy. But I’ve also thought of a few reasons everyone should sail with a dog.

Dishonest Dog? Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever with canoe.

I swear looking at this picture, you’d think Honey paddled herself to this deserted spot.

A Little Luxury?

Honey the golden retriever lies in a tent with a fan.

Okay, it’s not very nice of me. But when I go camping I get snarky. But I’ve learned my lesson. Maybe a little luxury ain’t a bad thing.

That Look Of Love – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever looks at a sandwich with love.

Every dog person knows that look of love…

If Dogs Are So Smart…

Honey the golden retriever with computer wearing a mortarboard hat.

Sometimes I’m astonished at how smart my dog Honey is. And other times?

Pictures That Raise More Questions Than They Answer

Honey the golden retriever sits on Pam's lap on a swing.

Some pictures have me scratching my head. I think they do the same for my dog Honey.

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