Why My Dog Loves Solstice

Golden retriever Honey sitting in the snow on solstice.

Tonight is the longest night of the year. Which makes my dog very happy. Why?

7 Things You CAN Say To Your Dog That Won’t Hurt Her Feelings

Honey the golden retrievers makes allowances for a foster puppy.

Dogs understand a lot. They get meaning from our body language, inflections, and even our words. But if we’re creative, we can hurl insults at them when they act like stinkers without hurting their feelings. I have a few choice favorites.

Does Your Dog Cuddle – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever likes to cuddle.

Can you guess our answer to that question? Only a Few Hours Left Our survey closes at midnight tomorrow and one lucky person answering will win a $20 Amazon gift card. Just click the button below. And thanks for helping us make Something Wagging even better. Your Turn: Do you have a cuddly dog? Does […]

Holiday Songs Are Better With Dogs

Golden Retriever and Christmas Tree

Isn’t everything better with dogs? Okay, maybe not peanut butter sandwiches. I’ve eaten so much of Honey’s hair I’m coughing up fur balls. But everything else is better with dogs. Especially holiday songs.

Just Let It Go (Reprise) – A Post-Foster Fantasy

Zoe the foster puppy kisses Mike.

I didn’t know, really, what had been so different about this one. Certainly, we had had other foster puppies. Their time with us would come to an end, and they would move on. And after missing them for a day or so, we would, too. But this one. . .

Time For A Spa Day – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever waits for her bath.

We said goodbye to our latest foster puppy yesterday. And I think Honey could use a spa day.

The Best Gift You’ll Ever Give…Or Get – Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange 2014

Zoe the Australian Cattle Dog puppy sits with Honey the golden retriever.

Of course it’s nice to get a thoughtful present. Or to come home to find your house transformed into a holiday wonderland, like the people belonging to the dogs in the video below. But I think the best gift ever is when someone says nice things about you. And that’s the idea behind the Third […]

10 Mad Skills You’ll Need To Raise A Puppy

Zoe the Australian cattle dog puppy on the porch.

Raising a puppy is like running a triathlon. But you’ll need a different set of skills. To run a triathlon, you must know how to drink while running, how to repair punctures, and how to keep going even when you’re in pain. Hey, come to think of it, those are pretty good puppy raising skills […]

It’s A Lifesaver! – Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

Zoe the foster puppy sits in her crate.

Have you heard? We’re fostering a puppy. She’s a very good puppy. She’s a very smart puppy. But she’s a very active puppy. An Australian cattle dog puppy to be precise. Thank goodness I’m equipped with my foster puppy survival kit. And two items are my lifesavers. Puppy Lifesaver #1 The best dog purchase I […]

Should You Invite Your Dog To Thanksgiving Dinner? Take Our Quiz

Honey the golden retriever plays with Zoe the foster puppy.

Everywhere I look, someone is offering me advice about my dog for Thanksgiving. How to travel with her. What to feed her so she doesn’t get sick. How to groom her for holiday pictures. But no one has offered advice about the most important topic. Should I invite my dog to Thanksgiving dinner?

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