Dog Stuff vs Human Stuff

Human stuff vs dog stuff illustrated.

Less time for visiting my friends online. Less time for having fun. Less time for playing with my dog. All because I have too much stuff to get rid of before I sell my house. How much better off would I be if I just had dog stuff and not so much human stuff?

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Honey the golden retriever all grown up.

I’m a sucker for a lovely story about someone creating a “bucket list” for their dying dog. They get me every time. But they also strengthen my determination to enjoy every day I have with Honey. And not wait until it’s too late.

Treat Your Dog Like You’re Married

Pam and Mike on their wedding day.

Now that I’ve been married more years than I was single (goodness, that’s a startling realization), I feel the right to judge the marriage advice columns I see online. The more I read them, the more I see good advice for living with dogs. Maybe it’s time to treat your dog like you’re married to her.

Do You Know Your Dog’s Point Of View?

Honey the golden retriever stands in the snow.

Every day I see someone pulling his dog away from an interesting smell, yelling at them for barking, or looming over a new dog they want to greet. I wonder what would happen if more people tried to see a dog’s point of view?

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats? – BTC4A

A dog and a cat are friends.

Okay, I don’t really think dogs are better than cats. But cats get less veterinary care, are more likely to be homeless, and are more likely to roam free. Sounds like lots of people do think cats aren’t as good as dogs. I think it’s time for that to stop.

Pet Blogger Super Heroes – Pet Blogger’s Challenge 2015

Pet blogger Challenge January 10

I could spend my morning solving the pet population problem, curing cancer, or figuring out who likes The Big Bang Theory and why. But instead I’ll be trying to write a clever and amusing reply to the Fifth Annual Pet Blogger Challenge. Will I succeed? You tell me.

Why Do People Keep Saying Dogs Are Like Wolves?

Honey the golden retriever licks her lips.

Some popular “trainers” insist that dogs are like wolves. And that we must use what we’ve learned about wolves when training our dogs. Have they ever seen wolves and dogs side by side? Because if they had, I don’t think they’d be saying dogs are like wolves.

Take One Step Closer To Your Dream In 2015

Honey the golden retriever looks like a show dog.

People are so rough on themselves this time of year. Everyone feels dissatisfied and is vowing to do better. My Facebook feed hums with people making resolutions for 2015. Luckily, our dogs set a good example for us. They know life couldn’t possibly get any better. Unless it included more treats, tennis balls, or cuddling.

Do Dogs Get SAD?

Honey the golden retriever poses in the sun.

Nope, it isn’t always gloomy in Ithaca. We average 154 sunny days a year (all between May and September). Seattle, with a reputation for clouds and rain, averages 151 sunny days a year. My dog Honey has dozed a lot lately. Is the unrelenting cloudiness bringing her down? Or am I just seeing her through […]

Be Humble With Animals

A black wolf is sleeping in the snow.

“How did you know it was okay when that off-leash dog approached us,” my sister asked. “Well, his tail was neutral, his ears weren’t folded back, and didn’t stare as he came close. But his legs and body looked a little stiff. So I relied on Honey to tell me it was okay. She knows […]

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