Guilt Goes To The Vet

Honey the golden retriever with wobble board.

I’m a good enough dog person that I never miss Honey’s annual wellness vet visit. But I’m a bad enough dog person that she doesn’t look as sparkly as she should. Guilt goes to the vet.

Why I Love People Who Love Dogs

Honey the golden retriever looks down.

Unlike some people, I don’t believe dog lovers are more honest, loving, or intelligent. We’re just as screwed up as everyone else. But there’s something special about people who love dogs. What is it?

When Enough Is Enough!

Honey the Golden Retriever rests on her stuffed lamb.

She put up with craziness for a long time—not knowing where her toys were, having things moving all over the house, stressed-out people keeping kooky hours. But finally, my dog Honey told us enough is enough. And something had to change. Now.

A Short Story

Golden Retriever smiling.

I wasn’t going to write anything today. I don’t have time. But Honey just did something so adorable. So Honey. I just had to share.

Worrying The Dog

Honey the golden retriever in front of stuff for sale.

My house is a mess. And it’s worrying the dog. Who’d have thought she’d be such a neatnik?

I’ve Got A Dog Habit

Honey the golden retriever is my dog habit.

Habits get no respect. There are drug habits. Creatures of habit. Nun’s habits. I have a dog habit. And it’s been a life saver.

Change Is Hard

Honey the golden retriever with for sale sign.

Losing a loved one, surviving a natural disaster, suffering from health problems—they’re all stressful. But what about good changes? Are they easier to handle? I’m unsure. All I know is that change is hard.

You Think You Know A Dog…

Honey the Golden Retriever sits at the store.

I spend hours every day with my dog Honey. I watch her. I write about her. You’d think there would be no surprises left. But just when you think you know a dog, she surprises you. My Dog Loves Everyone More Than Me It’s easy to think Honey loves everyone in the world. And that she […]

Today Is The TRUE Puppy Day

Pam, Mike, and Honey before they go home.

Apparently yesterday was National Puppy Day. It must be true because I saw scads of puppy pictures on Facebook. But I think everyone was off by a day. Today is the true puppy day. Because it was five years ago today that Honey came to live with us.

Reassuring Your Dog (Who Doesn’t Speak English)

Honey the golden retriever chews her nylabone.

Honey looked worried. We were packing bags at a frantic pace and she didn’t know what was going on. How do you reassure your dog if she doesn’t understand when you talk to her in English?

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