Does A Good Dog Make A Bad Blog?

Honey is such a good girl. Does that make her a bad subject for a blog?

Is Your Town’s Dog Culture Hurting Your Dog?

Since we’ve lived on the boat, we’ve only traveled as far as one long car trip. But I’ve already seen big differences in the way people treat dogs from one place to the next. What is your town’s dog culture? And is it hurting your dog?

Boat Dog Adventures

What is it like for Honey living on a sailboat? Let me tell you about our recent boat dog adventure. It’s not the kind of thing that happens every day. But it might have you feeling sorry enough for Honey to offer her a new home.

How Does Your Dog Know When You’re Coming Home?

Can you make it in your front door without finding your dog waiting there to greet you? Most people can’t. Do you ever ask yourself how your dog knows when you’re home?

Feeling Defeated? Remember Your First Love

Honey pulled with all her strength. Once she felt the sand between her toes, she did her happy dance and flopped down on her back in sheer joy. Honey remembered her first love.

A Happy New Year Story

There’s a lot of dark news out there. But I saw something recently that made me feel good. It’s my Happy New Year story.

Why Do Dogs Die So Soon?

Has there ever been anyone who didn’t wonder why their beloved dog had to die so soon? If there is, I’ve never met them.

Don’t Be A Jerk When Someone’s Pet Dies

Tragedy brings out the best in many people. But there’s always one or two people who just know how to be jerks. Especially when someone’s pet dies.

Dogs Talk To Us (If We’d Only Learn To Listen)

Honey stood with her paws on the bottom step and looked up at me. She had something to tell me and I had to figure out what it was. You see, I believe our dogs talk to us. And we only need to learn to listen.

Why Did You Pick Your Dog?

Some people only ever have small dogs. Others love big ones. I’ve met people who only ever have one breed of dog. And others who look like their dog family is made up of whoever walked in their door. Why did you pick your dog?

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