Don’t Fool Your Dog

Honey the golden retriever sleeps with her stuffed lamb.

Yuck. It’s April Fool’s Day. I hate it. Visiting online news sites with a cynical eye. Waiting for the “gotcha” in every conversation. Seems like a good day to avoid human contact. I’m glad Honey’s trainer gave me a reason not to join the April Fool’s “fun.” He told me: “Don’t fool your dog.” It’s […]

Learning From Dogs Not To Think

Honey the Golden Retriever Fetching in the Snow

Humans are cursed. We have these amazing, complex brains. And we can’t rely on them to tell us the truth. Dogs, on the other paw, while very intelligent, rely more on their senses than we do. And they are rarely led astray. Maybe the most important thing we can learn from dogs is how not […]

Does Your Dog Love You As Much As You Love Your Dog?

Pam and Honey the golden retriever.

You can’t imagine life without your dog. Just the thought of her makes you smile. You buy her gifts, celebrate her birthday, and can’t stop hugging and kissing her. But does your dog love you as much as you love her? I Like My Dog, Does My Dog Like Me? Researchers in Sweden did experiments […]

Why Dog Lovers Piss Me Off

Honey the golden retriever wonders why dogs aren't allowed.

I love people who love dogs. Except when I don’t. There’s one kind of dog lover who pisses me off every time. That’s the dog lover who loves dogs so much that they totally disrespect humans. And as a result, make things even harder for me and other dog lovers. What do I mean? Check […]

Don’t Take Your Dog Personally

Honey the golden retriever takes a nap in the snow.

Does your dog hurt your feelings? Because I think that’s what’s going on with some Something Wagging readers. Lately, common search terms that bring folks to this blog are along the lines of “Why doesn’t my dog greet me more excitedly when I come home?” Sounds like someone needs to be told to not take […]

Do I Think About Dogs Too Much?

Honey the golden retriever says I think about dogs too much.

Time to get caught up on the news. After reading about the delay in implementing the Affordable Care Act and the death of Shirley Temple, I glance at the next story. It’s an ad for the ASPCA. I read a few more stories. And see a pet supply company advertising in the sidebar. I know […]

Train Your Dog for Happiness?

Does training make your dog happy?

We train our dogs for many reasons. Not the least of which is to keep her from being a nuisance. But I’ve found an even better reason. Training makes my dog happy. Training Lights Up My Dog People who meet Honey at the door mistakenly think she’s a very happy girl. She isn’t. It’s just […]

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Get Another Dog

Honey was a perfect puppy.

“I’ll never have another dog. It hurts too much to lose them.” I hear that sometimes from people I meet. But I don’t understand it. For me, any pain is worth suffering to enjoy the love of a dog. But that doesn’t mean it’s smart to rush out in your grief and adopt a new […]

Has Your Dog Ever Had a Justin Bieber Meltdown?

Honey the golden retriever puppy bites the hand that feeds her.

Adolescence Brings Out The Worst Although I hate celebrity gossip, I can’t avoid news about the latest Miley Cyprus scandal or Justin Bieber meltdown. It gets me thinking about the dumb things I did around the same age. Like the time I raced my friend eight miles to a bowling alley. He drove a Pontiac Firebird […]

Ask for Nurturing – Good for the Dog; Good for You

Honey the golden retriever chews on a huge stick.

Honey Asks for Nurturing Honey has been a little clingy lately. It happens sometimes after we send a foster dog home. When I sit on the couch, Honey rests her head on my knee. When I get down on the floor to sort laundry, she comes in close for a hug. And when I go […]

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