Today Is The TRUE Puppy Day

Pam, Mike, and Honey before they go home.

Apparently yesterday was National Puppy Day. It must be true because I saw scads of puppy pictures on Facebook. But I think everyone was off by a day. Today is the true puppy day. Because it was five years ago today that Honey came to live with us.

Reassuring Your Dog (Who Doesn’t Speak English)

Honey the golden retriever chews her nylabone.

Honey looked worried. We were packing bags at a frantic pace and she didn’t know what was going on. How do you reassure your dog if she doesn’t understand when you talk to her in English?

When Dogs Train Us

Shadow was a beautiful mutt.

Supposedly people are smarter than dogs. But I wonder if that’s true. I feel dumber than my dog all the time. And it’s a fact that sometimes our dogs train us.

Do Dogs Get Bad Moods?

Golden Retriever sitting on Mike's lap

Some people have such a simple view of dogs. If you train them, they’ll make excellent companions. Or if you’re a strong leader, they’ll be perfect. But don’t dogs ever just get bad moods?

A Dog Who CAN’T Be Bad

Agatha and Christie, litter mates, pose in front of the car.

I wonder if I have a problem in the making. It’s a problem I never thought I’d have. My dog can’t be bad. Now how did that happen?

Friends With Dogs

Honey the golden retriever plays tug with chocolate lab Mr. Handsome.

When I adopted my dog Honey, this extrovert had a fantasy. A fantasy of making lots of new friends with dogs. I have made lots of friends with dogs. Unfortunately, most of them live scattered around the country and even the world.

The REAL Reason We Love Dogs

Honey the Golden Retriever sniffs the air.

Unconditional love. (Wo)man’s best’s friend. Blah, blah, blah. I’ve seen the standard explanations for why we love dogs so much. But I think they miss the mark. I know the real reason we love dogs so much.

Create Calm In Chaos For Your Dog–And Yourself

Honey the golden retriever is exhausted.

My dog Honey spent an hour watching us loading a truck. She daintily avoids walking under the stepladder in the foyer. And she barks when we’re upstairs but she can’t follow because of the plastic drop cloths on the stairs. How can we create calm in the middle of chaos for our dog. And for ourselves?

Why Do So Many People Torture Golden Retrievers On YouTube?

Honey the golden retriever relaxes with Oliver the foster puppy.

I can’t stand it any more. Every time I try to find a cute golden retriever to watch on YouTube, I’m hit in the face with torture videos. Okay, there’s no blood. Or broken bones. But I can’t watch them nonetheless.

Wondering If Your Dog Loves You? You’re Asking The Wrong Question

Honey the golden retriever loves.

It was the last place I expected to see controversy. If asked if their dog loves them, most people would reply, “Hell yeah.” At least that’s what I thought. But after seeing the responses to a video I shared on Facebook, I’m wondering if asking if our dogs love us is the wrong question.

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