Why Did You Pick Your Dog?

Honey the golden retriever in the wind on the sailboat.

Some people only ever have small dogs. Others love big ones. I’ve met people who only ever have one breed of dog. And others who look like their dog family is made up of whoever walked in their door. Why did you pick your dog?

Does Your Dog Trust You?

Does your dog trust you?

“If you promise your dog something, you have to give it to her. Don’t risk breaking her trust.” Honey’s trainer said this to me years ago. It reminds me to ask myself, “Does my dog trust me?”

Do Dogs Fight Because They Can’t Lie?

Do dogs lie?

“Sorry, I can’t come over because my family is visiting.” “Thank you so much. These purple socks with barfing unicorns are adorable.” I’ve done it. You’ve done it. We’ve all lied. But dogs don’t lie. Is that why they fight?

Why I Don’t Take Pictures At The Vet

Honey the golden retriever poses with stone bull dog.

Honey did the cutest thing at the vet last week. I know you would have gotten a kick out of seeing it. But I don’t have a single image. Sorry. I don’t take pictures at the vet.

Do Dogs Understand Us Better Than We Understand Them?

Honey the golden retriever in mortarboard teaches a class.

I’ve always said I didn’t want a dog smarter than I was. But I may have one. In fact, I think my dog understands me better than I understand her.

My Dog Only Talks To Big Dogs

Honey the golden retriever only talks to big dogs.

Do you remember the scene in 101 Dalmatians where the dogs passed along the news of the stolen puppies by barking at twilight? Well if Honey had been one of the dogs in the movie, those puppies would never have been found. Because my dog Honey only talks to big dogs.

Why Do We Forgive Dogs Before Humans?

Honey the golden retriever stands on a bench.

Loud music make us insane. But we’ll tolerate some barking. A driver splashing us when they drive through a puddle gets the finger. But we just grab the fabric spray when a dog with muddy paws gives us a “hug.” We give dogs breaks because they don’t have malice. But most people don’t either. So why do […]

Why We Camp

Honey the golden retriever wades in the marsh.

Do you want to hear a secret about campers? We’re not so different from non-campers. But there are a few big differences that will tell you why we camp.

Do Dogs Compare Themselves To Other Dogs?

Honey the golden retriever has sand on her face.

A human who is perfectly happy can become miserable when they compare themselves to another human. Does it happen to dogs? Do they compare themselves to other dogs?

A Dog Is Not A Child Or A Possession

Honey the golden retriever looks at a log.

Every so often someone feels compelled to tell dog people that they own their animals and did not give birth to them. And dog lovers respond with outrage. I sit back and think they’re both wrong. My dog is not my child or my possession.

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