Does Your Dog Hurt Your Feelings?

Honey the golden retriever chews a stick in the snow.

You meant cats, right Pam? It’s cats who are independent and aloof. It’s cats that hurt our feelings. Nope, I suspect dogs hurt our feelings more often. Here’s why.

How Do YOUR Ideas About Death Affect Your Dog?

Honey the golden retriever has snow on her face.

It’s the one power we have that can save our dogs from immense suffering. And it’s the great responsibility that no one wants to have. If you love animals and have them in your life, one day you will face hard choices about treating your pets and extending or ending their lives. As we struggle […]

Why Do Some Dogs Get Under Our Skin?

Honey the golden retriever is a beauty.

Of course we love all our dogs. But with some dogs, things are different. Our relationship is special. Let’s fact it. Some dogs just get under our skin more. Why?

Just Let It Go – Learning From Dogs

Zoe the foster puppy in training.

Today’s the big day. In a few hours, I will deliver our foster puppy Zoe back to the shelter so she can find her new family. Should I try to get in a few training sessions? Gently expose her to more household noises? Write a treatise on her personality for her new family? Or is […]

Smiles Of Peace

Peace begins with smile

This picture always makes me smile. Come to think of it, I’m feeling pretty peaceful too. Maybe you should share it. We might start a movement. Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange Countdown Have you heard about the Third Annual Pet Blogger’s Gift Exchange? If not, you can read more here. Instead of sending cards or gifts, […]

What Bully Dogs And Bikinis Can Teach Us About Racism

Pismo the pit bull.

This week I haven’t found watching cute puppy videos nearly as much fun. Our country is confronting ugly truths. And hopefully starting to have important conversations. About racism.

What’s The Best Trait For A Dog Person To Have?

Honey the golden retriever is a canine artist.

If you could strengthen one personal trait before adopting a dog, what should it be? Kindness? Patience? Flexibility? Nope, it’s none of those. The best trait for a dog person to have is creativity. Let me tell you why.

12 Things I Learned While Fostering Dogs

12 Things I learned from fostering dogs.

When I meet someone and introduce my latest foster dog, they usually say one of two things: I could never foster a dog. It would be too hard to give him up. Or they say, I’d love to do that some day myself. But what I’d love to hear is, that sounds great. How can […]

Pleasures of Friendship

Honey the golden retriever and Zoe the foster puppy share a stick.

It’s the little things that make friendship special. Don’t you agree?

Buying Stuff Does Not Help Animals

Baby sea turtle.

Whether you celebrate an end-of-the-year gift giving holiday or not, you can’t escape. Buy, buy, buy. But there’s one message that has you and me in its laser sights to tempt us to spend: Help animals today. Ten percent of your purchase goes to (pick one—save homeless kittens, end elephant poaching, spay and neuter feral dogs). […]

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