Keep Your Boat Light…

Honey the golden retriever with words of wisdom from Jerome K. Jerome.

  Let’s see the rest of the quote: Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need—a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe, or two, enough to eat and enough […]

Do We Judge People By Their Dogs?

Honey the golden retriever is beautiful.

Yeah, I know we’re not supposed to “judge a book by its cover.” But we all do anyway. It’s only human. But in this age of e-books, maybe it’s time to change the saying. Perhaps we should tell ourselves not to judge a person by her dog. You have a what…? If you live in the […]

Let Nature Be Your Teacher

Golden retriever sits in the autumn light.

How Dogs Talk To Us

Honey the golden retriever goes on the hunt.

“If only I could understand what my dog was thinking.” Have you ever said that to yourself? I have. I’m guessing there are millions of us since researchers keep working on tools that translate barks and harnesses that allow handlers to communicate with dogs at a distance. But do you ever sit down to think […]

Some Amazing Dogs I Wish I Had

Honey the golden retriever and cult movies.

I’m not proud of myself. But sometimes I feel envy. No, I don’t covet my neighbor’s car. Or wish I had someone else’s house. But every so often I meet an amazing dog. And I wish I had one just like him. The Amazing Dog Who Waits A contractor who works in my neighborhood had […]

Sweet Things Of Life

Honey w apple quote

Why I Love Halloween (Except When I Hate It)

A spooky Halloween house.

Halloween. It’s my favorite love/hate holiday of the year. Halloween is a time to be creative, have fun, and take part in a huge neighborhood celebration. Heck, despite my preference for naked dogs, I’ve even been known to chuckle at the occasional clever dog costume (I especially love the guy who dressed as a hot dog while […]

Do We Always Have To Judge?

Ally is a dog judge.

“I saw an incredible story in the newspaper yesterday about a guy and his dog. It seemed like something you should blog about.” My husband rarely suggests what I should write about at Something Wagging. What was so compelling about this story that made him certain I’d want to share my opinion here? A New […]

Why Does My Dog Look So Sad?

Honey the golden retriever with flowers.

I have thousands of pictures of my dog Honey. But almost none of them show her looking happy. You know—with loose floppy ears and a big smile. In fact, in most of our pictures my dog looks kinda sad. Or at least still and calm instead of joyous and frolicsome. Is it me? Is it her? […]

Why Adopting A Reactive Dog Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

Honey the golden retriever nuzzles a stuffed toy.

Sure, I like a cute dog video as much as anyone. I enjoy following the agility competitions of doggy athletes. And who doesn’t love a funny dog poop story? But many of my favorite dog blogs share the joys and trials of living with reactive dogs. Why? Where’s the fun in reading about the terror, humiliation, […]

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