What’s Next After Loose Leash Walking?

Honey the golden retriever walks with me off leash.

As someone who has struggled with pulling dogs, I know what a big accomplishment it is to walk your dog with a loose leash. But once you master that advanced skill, what’s next? (This post contains affiliate links.)

Boat Training For Humans And Dogs

Honey the golden retriever wants to go ashore.

I know you’re hoping for cute pictures of Honey on exotic beaches or barking at pelicans. But life aboard a boat takes lots of training. For us. And for the dog.

Train Your Dogs What They’ll Never Need To Know

Honey the golden retriever smiles on her ramp.

If I was only able to give one piece of advice to someone adopting a new dog or puppy it would be this: always teach your dog the things you know he or she will never need to know. Here’s why.

Back To School – Positive Pet Training Hop

Honey the golden retriever looks down the companionway ladder.

Honey went to puppy preschool followed by puppy kindergarten. Then we homeschooled her for several years. But something showed us we needed extra help. Time to go back to school for Honey.

Training Rewards For Every Dog

You could reward me for posing by putting the camera away and letting me finish my walk.

Click and treat. Click and treat. Do you always associate positive training with food treats? Because maybe there’s a better training reward for your dog.

Onward And Upward! Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever climbs a ladder.

If you asked me, I’d say Honey had poor rear leg awareness. But I took out my clicker and she did this:

How Long Should You Train Your Dog

Honey the Golden Retriever poses with the keel of a sailboat out of the water.

This post has affiliate links. Learn more here. How long does it take to train your dog to meet a challenge? I don’t know how long it takes you but let me show you how long we’ve been preparing Honey to live aboard a sailboat.

My Biggest Training Fail

Honey the golden retriever is a good trainer.

Honey loves it. It builds our relationship. And it’s a good way for both of us to train our brains. So why do I keep having such a huge training fail?

Does Your Dog Still Come When You Call? Best Tips For Improving Recall.

Golden Retriever running in the woods.

Has your dog’s recall gotten a little lazy? Have you asked yourself if you’re like the dude with chili stains on his t-shirt belching on the couch who complains that his wife doesn’t like to have sex with him? Because you have to be attractive to your dog if you want her to come to you.

Go On An Adventure With Your Dog

Honey the Golden Retriever waits to go kayaking.

It may not surprise you that I think every person should go on an adventure with her dog. But just what is an adventure anyway? And can every person take one?

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