Top 12 Ways To Ruin Your Dog’s Recall

Honey the golden retriever comes when she's called.

I’ve had dogs with the best of recalls. And dogs with the worst of recalls. But even my roaming adventure dogs would have done better if I hadn’t done all kinds of stupid things to ruin their recall. How to Ruin Your Dog’s Recall Go ahead. Try these things. And see if it doesn’t totally […]

7 Cues To Teach Your Dog BEFORE Eating at a Pet-Friendly Restaurant

Honey the golden retriever eats out.

I can hear some of you now. “If I took my dog to a pet-friendly restaurant, the video of him misbehaving would go viral in ten minutes.” Have some faith. It might be easier than you think. Especially if you teach your dog some basic cues before you try it for the first time. Here […]

What Should You Give the Person Who Just Got a Puppy?

Honey the Golden Retriever puppy naps under the desk.

Honey is four years old now. But her puppy months are burned into my brain. Because of her, I realized that I hate puppies. But with a little distance, I’ve learned that puppyhood wasn’t that awful. I was just poorly supplied. Here’s my list of things you should give the person who just got a […]

Train Your Dog for Happiness?

Does training make your dog happy?

We train our dogs for many reasons. Not the least of which is to keep her from being a nuisance. But I’ve found an even better reason. Training makes my dog happy. Training Lights Up My Dog People who meet Honey at the door mistakenly think she’s a very happy girl. She isn’t. It’s just […]

Train Your Dog Month Challenge 2014 – What I Learned

Honey's Train the Dog Month Challenge was to learn sailing skills.

What a triumph! For Train Your Dog Month, I taught Honey to climb a steep companionway ladder, to jump from a moving boat onto a dock with a line in her mouth, and to tie a perfect cleat hitch. No, not really. Because the month that was supposed to be dedicated to training my dog […]

Has Your Dog Ever Had a Justin Bieber Meltdown?

Honey the golden retriever puppy bites the hand that feeds her.

Adolescence Brings Out The Worst Although I hate celebrity gossip, I can’t avoid news about the latest Miley Cyprus scandal or Justin Bieber meltdown. It gets me thinking about the dumb things I did around the same age. Like the time I raced my friend eight miles to a bowling alley. He drove a Pontiac Firebird […]

Dog Training Tip – Match The Treat to the Trick

Match the treat to the trick when dog training.

Honey will sit just for the chance to sniff a piece of fuzz that may have rolled over a cookie. She’ll break the sound barrier during her recall just because I’m standing next to the fridge. But ask Honey to walk through an agility tunnel or stand on a wobbly surface? Time to bring out […]

When the Dog Changes the Plan – Train Your Dog Month Challenge

Honey the Golden Retriever is dog tired of sailing.

We’re just going to have fun. No big goals. No tough challenges. For our Train the Dog Month Challenge, Honey and I are going to have a good time doing tricks for treats. But sometimes the dog changes the plan. Or some human changes the plan and blames it on the dog. Honey Goes Sailing […]

Train Your Dog, Build Your Bond

Train Your Dog Month Challenge

The Real Challenge is Deciding What to Do Once again, it’s Train Your Dog Month. Should I teach Honey to pull children from burning buildings? Dance the Merengue? Climb a ladder? She could learn all of those things. But I can’t teach them. In past challenges, I tried to train Honey to ride in her Doggy […]

How Well Should We Train Our Dogs?

Honey the golden retriever walks nicely on leash.

Get a few dog lovers together, add a little vodka, and the confessions start flying. Or just write a blog post about why dogs jump and everyone shares their training fails. Or their choices not to train. It got me thinking: how well should we train our dogs? Train Your Dog Like the Marines My husband […]

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