10 Tips For Enjoying The Dog Park

10 Tips To Help You Enjoy the Dog Park

Dog parks are the most schizophrenic issue for dog lovers. Communities crow about their great dog-friendly amenities. And trainers warning you of violent gladiatorial contests not seen since the death of the Roman empire. Who’s right? It depends on the park. It depends on the time. And it depends on the dog. But if your […]

Why Do People Resist Hiring Dog Trainers?

I have a big fuzzy blind spot. Do you?

Obviously he loved his dog. But the dog’s behavior had changed recently and he didn’t know why. The vet said there was no medical reason for the change. My new friend described the history of his dog’s behavior and interactions with others in the family. And then he asked me, “What do you think I should do?” […]

Aha! Moments – 3 Lessons That Made Me a Better Dog Walker

Honey the golden retriever puts her paws on a log.

Have you ever had an Aha! moment on a walk? Where you suddenly understand something new about walking with your dog and things click into place? I’ve had three. And they’ve made my relationship with Honey even stronger. Have you had any of these Aha! moments on a dog walk? Your Dog Doesn’t Have To […]

Work Through The Fear To Get To The Fun

Honey the golden retriever sits on a stump.

As Honey and I sat on the floating dock watching the ducks, I couldn’t help overhearing the woman talking to her friend behind us. “I could never swim in the lake. Who knows what’s in that water that might touch me? Nope, it’s chlorinated pools for me.” I grew up having a pool. So I understand […]

Doggy Dread – A Story Told in Pictures

Honey the golden retriever aboard a sail boat.

We’re three days into our sailing adventure with Honey and blessed with great WiFi at the Ganonoque Marina in Ontario. Thought I’d share the results of our biggest worry about taking Honey on a sailboat. How do you get a timid dog, who doesn’t like to swim, aboard a boat? How about a ramp? But […]

Top 12 Ways To Ruin Your Dog’s Recall

Honey the golden retriever comes when she's called.

I’ve had dogs with the best of recalls. And dogs with the worst of recalls. But even my roaming adventure dogs would have done better if I hadn’t done all kinds of stupid things to ruin their recall. How to Ruin Your Dog’s Recall Go ahead. Try these things. And see if it doesn’t totally […]

7 Cues To Teach Your Dog BEFORE Eating at a Pet-Friendly Restaurant

Honey the golden retriever eats out.

I can hear some of you now. “If I took my dog to a pet-friendly restaurant, the video of him misbehaving would go viral in ten minutes.” Have some faith. It might be easier than you think. Especially if you teach your dog some basic cues before you try it for the first time. Here […]

What Should You Give the Person Who Just Got a Puppy?

Honey the Golden Retriever puppy naps under the desk.

Honey is four years old now. But her puppy months are burned into my brain. Because of her, I realized that I hate puppies. But with a little distance, I’ve learned that puppyhood wasn’t that awful. I was just poorly supplied. Here’s my list of things you should give the person who just got a […]

Train Your Dog for Happiness?

Does training make your dog happy?

We train our dogs for many reasons. Not the least of which is to keep her from being a nuisance. But I’ve found an even better reason. Training makes my dog happy. Training Lights Up My Dog People who meet Honey at the door mistakenly think she’s a very happy girl. She isn’t. It’s just […]

Train Your Dog Month Challenge 2014 – What I Learned

Honey's Train the Dog Month Challenge was to learn sailing skills.

What a triumph! For Train Your Dog Month, I taught Honey to climb a steep companionway ladder, to jump from a moving boat onto a dock with a line in her mouth, and to tie a perfect cleat hitch. No, not really. Because the month that was supposed to be dedicated to training my dog […]

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