Doesn’t Your Dog Jump Off The Boat?

New acquaintances ask us the same question: doesn’t your dog jump off the boat? We tell them that Honey isn’t a crazy water dog dying for a swim. But one thing will tempt her to jump. Can you guess what?

Welcome To The Neighborhood – Pet Blogger Challenge

Neighborhood is a foreign concept when you’re a transient living on a boat. We don’t see the same dog walkers every day, chat with the school crossing guard each morning, or make that weekly visit to the farmer’s market. But we still have Pet Blogville. And the Annual Pet Blogger Challenge is its big block […]

Where Will Honey Land?

It’s freaking cold. Most of the other boating snow birds are already in Florida, the Bahamas, or arriving there shortly. We’re still asking ourselves: where will Honey land?

Honey The Boat Dog – A Pupdate

Have you wondered how Honey likes being a boat dog? Here’s a pupdate.

Celebrate Your Colorful Pet

Yeah, I’m one of those irritating people who rants about stores putting Christmas stuff out before Halloween. But there’s one time I don’t mind thinking about Christmas early. And it has to do with art, crafts, and dogs.

Honey Waits Out Joaquin

Usually Honey loves meeting new friends. I’ve explained to her that Hurricane Joaquin is not someone she wants to meet. I think she understands.

The Boat Tour – Step Inside Our Doghouse

Dogs used to live in houses outside in the yard. Now many people have invited their dogs into their houses. And onto the furniture. Are we going back the other way? With our new tiny boat, have we moved back into the doghouse with our dog?

My Dog Sails Better Than Me

As we got closer to moving aboard a sailboat, I worried more and more about Honey. How would she move around the boat? Deal with cramped quarters? I don’t now why I wasted my time. Honey sails better than I do.

Sometimes We All Need A Little Hope And Encouragement

Some days I can’t take any more. If I read another story about whales trapped in nets or dogs dying from contaminated dog treats or the latest rant about ego-filled trophy hunters I’m going to scream. I get offline and go looking for something hopeful to read. Because sometimes we all need a little hope.

Is It My Head In A Cone?

Are you expecting a coherent thoughtful post? Maybe something with a bit of humor? Or something to make you think? Nope. It isn’t going to happen. I’m so mixed up I feel like it’s my head in a cone. Here are my random thoughts.

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