Honey Would Rather Have…

Flowers are pretty to us. But Honey would rather have…

What, No Margaritas?

It’s nice when businesses set out water bowls for dogs, but…

Why Did I Ask Honey To Do That? Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday, I asked Honey to do something strange. Can you guess what and why from this picture?

Making New Friends – Wordless Wednesday


What Are You Thankful For?

What is Honey thankful for?

Unicorn Spotting – Wordless Wednesday

We see interesting creatures as cruising sailors—pelicans, cormorants, jellyfish. But this is the first spotting of something we thought was imaginary.

Honey Gives A Side Eye – Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes you just know what your dog is thinking.

The Windblown Golden Retriever – Wordless Wednesday

Honey knows she’s beautiful. People tell her all the time. I wonder if my windblown golden retriever ever has doubts.

I’m Cured! Wordless Wednesday

Yahoo! Honey is cured!

Why Should Cats Have All The Fun?

Honey has one question:

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