The Windblown Golden Retriever – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever on a windy day at the Skipjack Races.

Honey knows she’s beautiful. People tell her all the time. I wonder if my windblown golden retriever ever has doubts.

I’m Cured! Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever at the Hot Spot.

Yahoo! Honey is cured!

Why Should Cats Have All The Fun?

A golden retriever in a box asks why cats should have all the fun.

Honey has one question:

How To Piss Off A Golden Retriever Owner

Honey the Golden Retriever Takes an Apple for Teacher.

It happened again. With a hand signal, I asked Honey to lie down on the ground quietly. The person I was talking to said the one thing guaranteed to piss off a golden retriever owner: “Aww, aren’t goldens great? My dog would never do that.” Arggghhhhhhh!

Purebred Dog Rejects

Sammy is a Chinese crested hairless dog.

“She’s a reject,” the man explained. “Most breeders don’t want them. But we just love her.” “I understand. Our dog is a reject too.” In fact, most purebred dogs are rejects. And I feel very lucky to have ours.

Teaching A Golden Retriever To Swim

Honey the golden retriever in the water with Mike.

What kind of crazy person would move onto a boat with a golden retriever who doesn’t swim? You’ve been asking yourself that, right? Hopefully yesterday’s brief, shaky video evidence has reassured you that we’re not planning to drown Honey.

Stone-d Dogs – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever lies down with stoned dogs.

While living in our temporary home, Honey gets to walk in a new place every day. Yesterday, she met some new dog friends while walking in St. Michael’s Maryland.

Moving the Dog – A Photo Essay

Honey the golden retriever isn't happy in the packed car.

It’s official. We’re homeless. Or at least living off the kindness of relatives. How did Honey cope with the big move?

Honey’s Unrequited Love

Honey the golden retriever is in love.

My dog Honey has it bad. She’s in love with an older dog. But I’m sorry to say that Honey’s love is unrequited. And I don’t know how to help her.

We Know What You Want

Golden Retriever at the beach

Honey and I know what you want. And we’re going to give it to you.

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