What Kind Of Dog Should An Introvert Have?

Honey the golden retriever makes a friend.

Introverts are hot! And no, I’m not talking about the way my introspective husband looks when he gets out of the shower (although he is awfully cute). I mean that introverts are tired of feeling undervalued in a culture (I’m talking of the U.S., in particular) that rewards brash and talkative people. Introverts are fed up […]

Honey Declares Her Independence

Honey the Golden Retriever declares her independence on july 4.

In Ithaca, July 4, 2014. The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen moods of Honey, When in the Course of canine events, it becomes necessary for one dog to dissolve the leash bonds which have connected her with her person, and to assume among the powers of the neighborhood, the separate and equal station to which […]

What’s Caught Her Eye? – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever is smiling in the park.

Honey is smiling from her tongue to the tip of her tail. What do you think has got her eye?             Win Your Own Adventure Ramp from Solvit It’s not too late. But there are only a few days left to win your own Solvit XL Telescoping Pet Ramp. Or […]

Happy 4th Blogiversary!

Honey the golden retriever from a puppy to mature dog.

Is it an important event? Then chances are I missed it. I forget my anniversary. I plan to teach classes on my husband’s birthday. And I have to check my file cabinet to know when Honey came home with us. I’ve done it again. Something Wagging This Way Comes published its first post on March […]

Labs are American; Goldens are Canadian

Honey is a golden retriever puppy on the beach.

Great family dog. Intelligent. Trainable. Friendly. Am I talking about the Labrador retriever or golden retriever? Who could tell? Many people think of labs and goldens as interchangeable. I did. But then I figured out the subtle differences: labs are American; goldens are Canadian. Americans and Canadians Abroad In the 1980s, Americans were advised that […]

What Does Your Dog’s Breed Say About You?

Rosie the Akita gives the look.

Which Harry Potter character are you? If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? What’s your Myers Briggs type? People love quizzes that claim to tell them about themselves. After all, if years of introspection and therapy haven’t helped you understand yourself, a ten question quiz on Buzzfeed asking for your […]

I Have a Big Furry Blind Spot. Do You?

I have a big fuzzy blind spot. Do you?

Maybe it’s narcissism. But when I notice someone being particularly blind to their own faults, I immediately wonder what I’m hiding from myself. What are my blind spots? I suspect the biggest one weighs fifty pounds, sheds constantly, and loves liverwurst. Either Honey is my big furry blind spot. Or everyone else is ridiculous and […]

Has Your Dog Ever Had a Justin Bieber Meltdown?

Honey the golden retriever puppy bites the hand that feeds her.

Adolescence Brings Out The Worst Although I hate celebrity gossip, I can’t avoid news about the latest Miley Cyprus scandal or Justin Bieber meltdown. It gets me thinking about the dumb things I did around the same age. Like the time I raced my friend eight miles to a bowling alley. He drove a Pontiac Firebird […]

Summer is Coming – Wordless Wednesday

Summer is coming.

  Your Turn: Are you lost in summer fantasies? Or is winter fine with you?  

Queen of the Hill – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever poses pretty.

    Your Turn: What silly things do you make your dogs do to get a picture?   

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