Cash for You and Your Favorite Animal Charity with Twitter

Two Little Cavaliers and Pamper Yourself in Pink have organized a Social Media Event in which you just might win a cash prize to share with your favorite animal charity.

If you win, you will receive a $112 Cash Prize for yourself via Paypal and $213 will directly to the charity of your choice!
All you need to do is use the Rafflecopter tool below to enter for your chance to win! And you’ll have a great chance to make new friends on Twitter.
Social Media for Social Good a Holiday Event for Pets



a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Oh Dog! I sure hope I win! I wanna send the money to Bonaparte’s Retreat in Nashville!

  2. We’re hoping to win big for AnimalKind, Inc., a holistic cat rescue program in Hudson, NY. AnimalKind, Inc. rescues shelter cats from death row; manages feral colonies; offers disaster relief and TNR (trap, neuter/spay and release) to the community; engages with local towns for protective animal legislation; and provides people with the education and financial support needed to be good pet parents. It’s also where we adopted our two cats, Jed and Jackson, who celebrated their first holiday season with us last year.

  3. If I were to win, I would send the money to the Doberman Assistance Network, which helps Dobermans across the country out of shelters and bad situations, and into rescues and foster.

  4. I was undecided who I would donate the money to as there are so many fantastic local organizations. But I think if I win, I will give the money to Ador-A-Bull, which is a local resuce that removes pitbull-type dogs from Ontario that are in danger of being euthanizaed due to BSL. I’d love to foster for them someday, if I ever get that fenced yard of my dreams!

  5. Oh, if I could win, think of the happy Greyhounds! I’ll have to get in on it after pay day this week!

  6. I would donate the money to Red Rover, so they can give someone a Lifeline grant.

  7. My rescue of choice is Almost Home Boxer Rescue in Phoenix, AZ