Caption the Picture

I’m anxious to write a funny post. But I got some news that’s not having me feel too funny right now. So I thought maybe a caption contest would be fun.

Nope, no swag. And not much glory. Just a chance to get your creative juices flowing.

So here’s the picture you may recognize from an earlier post.


Golden Retriever being lifted in the air

That's for you to figure out. Honey's been given the day off.


Here’s some of my thoughts:

“Okay, now six more reps and then we’re ready to move onto the tossing treats to the dog workout.”

“I think there’s a little damp spot on my belly. Keep blowing.”

What’s your caption?

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  1. I’m sorry, I am not feeling very funny today either. Today is a day for staying home huddled under blankets with a warm puppy.
    I hope whatever news you received isn’t as bad as you expect and everything turns out okay!

    • Thanks, Kristine. And Everyone. No major crisis. Just some unexpected craziness at a bad time.

      BTW, how long would Shiva huddle under blankets with you before she let you know it was time for some fun outside?

  2. Yep, no funny from here either, just good wishes and warm thoughts. Hope things get better.

    • Edie, you’ve done so much funny already I’d be amazed if you hadn’t already used up your “funny allotment” at a very young age. :)

  3. Pamela, I hoe you are feeling in a better mood soon and whatever news you got isn’t too bad.

    Here is my thought for the caption:
    “Can someone Puhleeze get this guy a barbell? I’m getting too old for this!”

  4. Sometimes funny is overrated. Hope you feel better.

    But here’s my caption anyway: “Yeah, your hand is about to go the wrong way down a one-way street. Just sayin’.” :)

  5. Not happy to hear you’ve gotten not-so-good news.

    My caption:

    “I still see the mouse…he’s under that chair. Do NOT put me down yet!”

  6. “really dad. a hovercraft would be SO much more practical.”

    hope things are looking up soon, pamela.

    • Oh, come on now, Aleksandra. Honey knows hovercrafts are banned by most homeowner’s insurance policies (honest, I just read it in a policy the other week).

      She’d never say that! :)

  7. “So, when he builds up to higher weights, are we getting a Bernese Mountain Dog or a pony?”

    “When they say ‘Exercise with your dog,’ I’m pretty sure they mean take me for a walk.”

    “What do you mean I’m not supposed to sleep on your face?”

  8. Hi Pamela,

    It really does suck when life with all its ups and downs and in betweens gets in the way of being funny. At times like these it also sucks listening to people stating the obvious such as, “This too shall pass, whatever this may be.” So, I’ll just cross my fingers on your behalf and hope that life is on an upwards wing by the time you get to read this.

    Here is my caption for whatever its worth: Put me down or you’ll soon discover the true meaning of “life being a crapshoot.”

    By the way, I love your blog and I visit it frequently. I have also incorporated your link within my site as a valuable resource for my visitors. Would you be willing to return the favor by placing my link right here on your blog?

  9. “Well, I had no idea this was a hairy legs contest, but I really think I win, hands down!”

    Sorry things aren’t so light and funny in your corner of the world at the moment!

  10. “I told you I’m not hiding your car keys”.

  11. Bummer about the bad news. I hope everything is on the up and up by now.

    I totally suck at funny captions, I can only do the obvious, and you’ve got some great ones already:) I will say my first thought was I hope that’s Mike and not Pamela holding Honey or else your legs are hairier than mine … it is winter here. I don’t know if hairy legs make you less cold but I don’t want to shave mine in case they do add a bit of warmth!

  12. “Okay, okay, I get the hint… you’d like a gym membership for your birthday!”

    Hope everything is okay!

  13. “Oh no, and now she’s taking a picture . . this better not end up on the blog!”

  14. “If you want to know if I’m a boy or a girl, you could just ask…”

    Hope all the bad news straightened out into good news, and you’re in the mood to write that funny post soon!

  15. No funny here, but I really enjoyed everyone else’s captions!

  16. Having to go on the rack for that 5,000 mile check is such a pain.

  17. “do these human appendages make me look fat?”

    hope you feel better. :)

  18. Great captions, everyone! I hope you got as many laughs out of this as I did.