Caption The Picture – Wordless Wednesday

When I found this old picture yesterday for my post on enjoying the dog park, I wondered how you would caption it.

Give it your best shot. What is Honey thinking?

Honey the golden retriever is sniffed at the dog park.

Thanks For The Marriage Advice

When I asked if I should be worried about my husband sleeping with a blonde, nearly everyone had the same advice: get a king-sized bed.

Thank you. Look in the mail for your checks from the National Association of Mattress Retailers.

Now if you could just tell me how I’m going to open my dresser drawers and get to my closet after the king-sized mattress sucks up more room in an already tiny bedroom. :)


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  1. Wow, you had THAT for dinner?!

  2. Get rid of the dresser. See? Problem solved.

  3. Honey: “Are you a poodle or a proctologist??”

  4. Honey: Be careful! I had a lot of beans with my dinner!

  5. Get a bigger place? Our room really can’t fit a King Size bed. So at some point perhaps we’ll be able to afford a place that can until then we deal with the Queen.

  6. Hmm, I think it’s just a hemorrhoid Honey.

  7. you look marvelous! I want to party with you cowgirl,
    LeeAnna and Cole the Standard poodle

  8. I have no caption to enter although slimdoggy’s is pretty funny!

    I do, however, find it hilarious that you took this picture!

  9. Honey: Look I’ve had a very ruff day and I told you I didn’t eat your chew toy!

  10. Honey: The vet said I was okay but I know you can tell more using your sniffer!

  11. Get a bigger house;) problem solved ahah

    “Honey I’m Home”

  12. Lol that it is a fab pic!

  13. Mom has a king sized bed and still ends up on a tiny corner of it as 34 lb Bailie and the two cats hog it all. No good at captions, sorry.

  14. “So what do you think of my new parfum de odeur? It’s from Liz Clawborne.”

  15. Honey-“At least buy me dinner first!”

  16. Melissa says:

    Where is cooper when I really need him!