Caption the Picture – Wordless Wednesday

Mike and two dogs share a love seat.

What are they thinking?

What are they thinking?

And for extra credit, guess who was sitting on the dog pillow when this shot was taken.

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  1. Woof! Woof! Mike: I need time alone and watch ESPN, Honey: Your thigh Mike is a comfy pillow, Layla: Mike can you please change the channel. Happy WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Oh, my captioning skills are down this morning. I cannot believe they made you sit on the dog pillow, Ms. Pamela. They should have saved you a spot on the couch!
    *Cairn cuddles*

    • I’ll have them talk to you. :)

      When the planets align perfectly, we get all four of us on that tiny loveseat. But it isn’t easy.

  3. What are they thinking?
    Honey: I’m fine
    Layla: Wish Mike would move so I could get a little more room on my couch.
    Wagging Valentine’s to all

  4. Mike: Just once I would like to sit by myself.
    Honey: Ahhhhh dads lap is the best spot EVER.
    Layla: How come I never get the dad lap!?

  5. Hahaha! I have sat on many a dog pillow too. We need to get a bigger one with a backrest, I think.

    Oh wait, we have that. It’s called a couch. 😛

    I love how well Layla fits in with the family!

  6. ‘Wonder what is for dinner?’ Life is hard on the sofa! Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Mike: Who changed the channel to the Dog Show? Where’s the remote?
    Layla: He’ll never find the remote under my pillow!
    Honey: ——-

    (I have a golden and that’s usually what he’s thinking anyway, hehe!)

  8. Mike: wish i had some ice in my drink
    Honey; most comfiest pillow, evah!
    Layla: you only wish you were this comfy

    Happy wagging Wednesday

  9. All three are thinking the same thing, obviously: COZY!!!

  10. They all look comfy.

  11. Mike: A beer in my hand and a blonde in my lap, what else could I want?

    Honey: I wish she’d stop taking pictures, I’m trying to nap here.

    Layla: I hope my furever mom knows her place in the pack like this lady does.

    BTW, I’ve sat on the dog bed before too, I’ve even been tempted to sleep on it some nights but while I will curl up at the bottom of the bed, I haven’t YET ventured down to the floor.

    Have a great day.

  12. Mike: I wonder if Pam is going to put this picture on the website.
    Honey: ANOTHER picture?
    Layla: Is she done? I need a nap.

    You are on the dog bed.

  13. Two are thinking they should try to stay awake for the program, and one might be thinking he doesn’t want any interruptions during the program. Just a wild guess.

  14. Pretty sure you were on the dog pillow :)

    Mike: “Get that…”

    Honey: “…flashy box thing…”

    Layla: “…outta my face pawleeze”

  15. Honey: Too comforty for my night cap.
    Lalyla: My eyes keep closing. Turn off the lights,
    Mike: My thigh is so warm and is falling sleep.

  16. We are terrible at captions (true story – you should see some of ours!) but we love the picture!

  17. I think Honey and Lalyla are thinking how comfy they are, while Mike’s leg has gone dead and wondering how to flex it without disturbing Honey

  18. Oh god…she’s got the camera again. Can’t we all just relax?