Can Puppy Come Out To Play?

Yeah, we're fierce!

Honey has been attending puppy kindergarten at the SPCA. Until she gets all her shots, Honey’s exposure to other dogs is limited to those we know are healthy and immunized.

Puppy kindergarten has been a great chance for her to meet other pups.And Katie, her playmate in the picture, has done a great job of teaching puppy play manners.

I really wanted my next dog to be very friendly to other dogs and people. That’s why I looked for a Golden Retriever. And Honey looooooooves people! Especially children! More than treats. More than toys.

Honey hasn’t shown the same level of excitement when we see another dog. So I want to give her every chance to have fun with other pups.

Besides puppy kindergarten, she’s met some older neighbor dogs who were very indulgent toward an active young puppy. I’m looking for other puppy families in my neighborhood to schedule play dates. Her encounters with other dogs in these early weeks of her life will set the stage for her future life. And, better yet, there is nothing that tires out a puppy like another puppy!


No, it's mine!

Three Dog Blur

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  1. Hello,

    I just found your blog from a comment you left at The Other End of the Leash blog. I have to say that Honey is adorable. No wonder you can’t go anywhere without being mobbed by people wanting to say hello – she is impossible to just pass by! It sounds like you’re doing a great job with her!