Camping Makes Me Feel Like a Dog

Honey the Golden Retriever goes camping.

You put up the tent. I’ll sit here and guard the sandwiches.

Some people camp because it brings them closer to nature. Other people camp because it’s a cheap vacation.

I camp because it makes me feel like a dog.

How Camping Makes Me Feel Like a Dog

Let me count the ways:

1. The woods makes me hungry and I always want s’more.

Honey’s thinking of feeding me out of a Kong so I don’t gulp my food so fast.

2. My tent reminds me of a dog house.

When I was a kid, I played in my dog’s house. Luckily, my tent has fewer fleas and better ventilation.

3. I smell like a wet dog.

It always rains when I go camping. I give off a musty smell after three hours or so of water falling from the sky.

Golden retriever puppies nurse in a pile.

Where does one puppy end and the next one begin?

4. Everyone sleeps in a puppy pile.

I camp at the beginning or end of the season. It’s the only way we can reserve those really private spots on the water’s edge.

And it’s freaking cold. Which is why we look like a pile of puppies sleeping in a whelping box.

5. Honey and I both get to pee in the woods.

Luckily for her, she doesn’t have to decide between wearing an “accessible” nightgown to bed or warm pajamas.

Your Turn: What fun activity makes you feel most like a dog?


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  1. LOL! at #3…I swear it has rained every single time I’ve gone camping…the one time I tried backpacking it poured so hard I couldn’t see the trail in front of me..Used to camp with my big dogs, but haven’t taken Gizmo yet…maybe it’s time

  2. Ah, camping – it’s been a while since I have done that :)

  3. When I went to summer camp we always went on a camping trip for few days. I loved it except for the bugs.

    We never went camping as a family because my mother said when she goes camping, she’ll go where there’s a soft bed, indoor plumbing and a hot shower. Hence, we never went camping.

  4. We should be hired by drought-weary areas to bring rain because we always do. But I have found that wet fur smell is definitely an acquired taste and it reminds me of many fun times.

  5. We have never been camping and I think Molly would bark the whole time and enjoy it very much. We tried our best with the survey but ignore some of the maybes as being in the UK they were things that would not apply to us. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. LOL! All were funny but #5 was the best. I used to enjoy camping. But then I moved to Kansas where the ticks are abundant. I’ve been a bit squeamish about it ever since that one time camping when I found a tick bloated to the size of my thumb. Yuck! I feel most like a dog when I have a lazy day where I just lounge on the couch with my dogs and watch TV.

  7. My idea of camping is a Drury Inn with grass surrounding it. Why Drury? All their motels are dog-friendly, of course!
    BTW, we are having a huge nat infestation here in MO; FYI, using a vanilla spray will keep them off and away, though still annoying.

  8. I am most dog like when I am gardening! I’m low, digging, fascinated by worms, snapping at flies, getting dirty and loving all the smells. Plus, the dogs love to help!

  9. I think when I’m playing with my dogs, is when I most feel like a dog. I get down to their level and rough house or play chasing games. Somehow we all get in sync with each other. We have a great time!

    I miss camping! I haven’t done it in such a long time. I’d think at this point we’d need an huge RV with a trailer (for Luigi, so we could bring his pool!) lol

  10. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets her camping rained on. The last one was so bad, the lilos floated in the tent, I kid you not. I think it’s very cute that you and Honey take pee breaks together.

    What fun activity makes me feel most like a dog? Believe it or not, I run very well on all fours, can snuffle with my nose, and also bark, growl and whine well. I have had no success sniffing my own butt though.

  11. You give a whole new perspective to campling – I love it. I don’t have a dog, but might camp with the cats in the near future. (To be exact, practicing for BlogPaws 2014 taking a road trip from Florida!)

  12. Done Pamela, I hope it helps. :-)

  13. I’ve never been camping, but hope we can go later this year. Sounds like superfun to me!

  14. Max's Ma says:

    Like that list 😉 I think just out walks and trying to see through Max’s eyes do it for me 😉 plus he loves the walks!!!