But It Doesn’t Have Honey – Wordless Wednesday

Panama has wonderful things to offer.

Crocodiles (look closely to see a baby sunning on her mama’s back).

Crocodiles in Panama river.

Click to enlarge.

Tropical islands surrounded by clean water and beautiful skies.
Kuna Yala island in Panama.
Sailing dogs.
Loki is a dog cruising on the sailboat Infinity.
And even fine art.
Mural of dog at Mamallena hostel.
But it doesn’t have one thing that would make it perfect.
Honey the golden retriever is the dog of the house.

Did you think any place could be perfect if I wasn’t there?


Your Turn: What’s the most perfect place you’ve ever been? Were you able to share it with your dog?

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  1. I’m sure Honey is thrilled to have you back! I know I missed you!

  2. We miss the pups too much – we plan all our vacations with them in mind. …and yes, it means I’m probably never going to see England. :)

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Lucky Sailing DOG. Woof! Woof! to Honey. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. I have never sailed on a boat. I have been on a boat for a short distance but would love to sail away one day. My pawents plan places to take us with them but they haven’t traveled as a family for over 13 yrs. I think its time they had a vacation.

  5. My favorite vacation spot is Charleston, SC, but it’s not perfect cuz I can’t bring my girls. One day, maybe, I’ll get to Hawaii to visit the Arizona Memorial and the the other WWII historic sites — if those butts in DC ever get back to work (but I won’t “go there” in this comment). It’ll have to wait until we’re retired, though.

  6. Panama looks awesome. Yep, I have shared my favorite place with the dogs. I think Wyoming is my favorite place, so far anyway.

  7. I agree having your dog(s) with you would make any trip better!

  8. I am happy you had a great trip, but we agree. It can’t be totally perfect without the furries.

  9. I bet you still had a wonderful time. But I also bet there were many wistful thoughts of Honey. My best vacation ever was when I went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. I was single at the time and so my only companion was my dog Smokey. He was the perfect traveling companion. He was always willing to go wherever I wanted to go and he watched out for me.

  10. There are some wonderfully beautiful places out there that we’ve been to (some fabulous national parks, the pink sand beaches of Bermuda where we used to live, gorgeous spots in Hawaii) – but none of them are “perfect” when our pups can’t come along!

    I’d love to visit Panama some day… but I’d miss Rita!! If I were you I wouldn’t want to be away from that gorgeous Honey for too long either!

  11. Aw. Honey would have made it the perfect get away.

    Most perfect place I’ve ever been … that’s tough. I love to travel, but have mostly traversed the eastern side of the country. I love DC in spring, the museum, surrounding countryside. I love the hills and waterfalls in Tennessee in the fall. I love Tulsa year ’round. I love Louisiana during crawfish season. :)

  12. My mom traveled the world as a kid and then was a flight attendant, so she has seen a lot and everyone always asks her where the prettiest place is or where her favorite place is. She always tell them that there are just too many great places to pick just one. These days she would no doubt say the best place is where her dogs are!

  13. Hmmm… A couple come to mind. Cancan was gorgeous, and that happened to be our honeymoon, so it was before we had dogs. I love Dewey Beach, and every time I’ve seen it, I’ve been with dogs.

  14. So cute! I’d love to go to more tropical places where I can bring Kayo along. The best I’ll get to do this year is to go to Carmel, which will be in a couple of weeks!

  15. It is the only thing I hate about going away, leaving the dog. Usually we take our holidays with them. However, I am about to move out of the house I share with my partner and his dog – I am so worried about how the dog will cope without me. I have been with my other half, and his dog for almost 4 years in total and throughout this time I have played an active role in training him, working with him on his fear aggression and fallen so in love with him.
    For the first time yesterday he left my partner, and came downstairs to see me out of the front door as I went to work. Something he has not done previously, I am worried he won’t understand and am currently spending my evenings telling him it isn’t his fault and that I love him and will see him once a week – sorry you kinda got a whole lote of info then! Should have just said great post :0)

  16. Us doggies make everyplace perfect (and covered in fur!)

  17. We felt that way about our road trip to Oregon. It was perfect except that Bogie wasn’t with us. He was supposed to be with us. It was his own fault. He never did accept the airline carrier that we needed to have him settle into so we could carry him on board the plane. Makes me alternately annoyed at him and sad.

  18. Our vacations used to always be camping, and the dogs came with us. Then we got too many dogs to take camping, and started vacationing without them. I miss having them with us….I want next vaca to involve renting a cabin where the dogs can come. Hubby doesn’t agree though, so we’ll see.

  19. Margaret T says:

    The best place is where the dog can come along. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Keweenaw County, with its nearly empty beaches, is a wonderful place for a golden retriever! Lake Superior to swim in, lots of sticks to retrieve and drag around on the beach–lots of quiet evenings and gorgeous sunsets, too, with a well-exercised dog sleeping peacefully with a smile on her face.

  20. That’s a big tease, just a few photos of your holiday. I want more!!

    I hate being away from my dogs so I don’t go on holiday unless it’s a quick trip back to Oz to see my ageing parents. That doesn’t happen very often. I haven’t been back since before getting Beryl 3 1/2 years ago but I will be going for a week next year when my niece gets married. When I was married we never went on holidays as we had a farm and couldn’t both get away at the same time. My ex used to go off on hunting trips with his mates and I’d make the occasional trip back to Oz. I don’t consider a trip to Oz as a holiday as I don’t get to travel around and look at places. I’m quite happy to travel vicariously and have my favourite place to be at home with the dogs. Is that sad?

  21. We had a great relaxing time in Tennessee this summer and it was good to bring the dogs with us. I’m not sure it was the most perfect place, but having them there made the difference.