Burlington, Vermont Might Be Pet-Friendly (but it’s just a replicant)

Golden Retriever puppy

Pet friendly rentals where the carpet matches my fur. Wow, vote for Cape May.

The gloves are off. This is the last round of voting in the Best Cities for Pet Travelers brackets before the final four. No more holding back. I’m coming out against Burlington, Vermont with the kinda talk that is usually only seen in a recycling center.

Here’s why you need to vote for Cape May, New Jersey as the best city for Pet Travelers.

Burlington, Vermont is a Clone!

And I should know. Because I live in that other little funky, progressive college town with great natural beauty and tasty vegetarian eats–Ithaca, New York. You know. The kind of town full of the people that are ruining America according to Rush Limbaugh.

How alike are they? You tell me.

I’ll cut this short now by telling you that last year an Ithaca resident disappeared suddenly. He had been sucked up by an alien space probe and returned to Burlington by accident. It took him six months to realize he wasn’t in the same town. (Disclaimer: Stories may or may not be made up and may or may not be based on real or imaginary people.)

Go for Unique. It Makes You Look Smart.

So Burlington might be a perfectly nice town. It may even be pet friendly. But it ain’t unique. So why pick Burlington over Cape May?

Or Ithaca? Or Ames? Or Madison? Or Ann Arbor? Or Berkeley? Or Bloomington? Or any of a gazillion other progressive, funky, cool college towns that all want to be Portland, Oregon when they grow up?

Cape May is pet friendly. But it’s also unique.

  • The Cape May peninsula is crucial to the survival of migratory birds. Many species would not make it to Alaska or Canada without the rich horseshoe crab population of the Delaware Bay.
  • The oldest seashore resort in the U.S., Cape May is north of the Mason-Dixon line. But it has a strong Southern flavor because it was the first spot Southern vacationers could find a cool summer breeze without having to go too far North (the same reason Princeton University has a strong Southern presence, as well).
  • Cape May is one of only five national historic landmark cities in the U.S. This designation will protect its unique Victorian architecture forever.
  • And Cape May has its very own song. Yes, really. Here it is with some lovely pix that capture the spirit of the place bookending several pictures from the Albert Stevens Inn.

Two bars into the song, you realize this is not Snooki’s Jersey Shore.

Go vote for Cape May, NJ in round 4 of the Best City for Pet Travelers competition at Go Pet Friendly. After all, you wouldn’t want a clone to win, would you?

And my promise to you: if you push Cape May, New Jersey into the final four, I’ll share the easy way to find great places to stay, the quiet, dog-friendly beach that only the locals know about, and the best places to dine with your pooch (even if you don’t think your dog is up to dining in public).

Go. Vote. Now.

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  1. Okay, I voted for Cape May, more because I’m afraid of you than anything else. I see Kristine is now out of the running. I guess I won’t have to worry about agonizing over that decision if the time comes now!

    • Oooooh, don’t say you’re scared of me. You’ll just make this sudden feeling of powerfulness go straight to my head. :)

      But thanks for voting. And I seem to remember you and Bunny were in Delaware last year, weren’t you? You were only a short ferry ride away from Cape May. Maybe next trip you’ll see Cape May for yourself. I bet Bunny would love seeing the dolphins from the ferry.

  2. But Burlington is my back yard and I’ve never even been to Cape May!

    • But it’s a clone in your backyard. :)

      I vow to never look down on any one who votes her conscience. In these troubled times, we need to know that every person voting in silly, purely for fun competition is bringing their full intelligence and ethics to bear on her decision. :)

  3. I know nothing about what you’ve just posted and sadly haven’t got time to go look at all the links (do you not sleep?) but because you’ve promised to show me around in person how can I vote for anywhere else? It’s got to be Cape May! Can’t wait for the next round of trash talk:) You’ll be there;)

    • Yes, I can see how much of the humor wouldn’t travel well across the pond. Thanks for expressing your faith in me, Sue.

  4. My favorite part of the post is the Ithaca resident who was abducted by aliens and returned to Burlington. Are you sure those aren’t pod people in Vermont? One more reason to vote for Cape May – no pod people!

    • Thank you so much, Vicki. My husband didn’t even snicker at my alien story. I’m glad someone liked it.

      Thanks for the vote. :)

    • Mike Webster says:

      From the Husband:

      Actually, Vicki, the reason I didn’t snicker at Pam’s story is because that resident was ME.

      And I’m sure it was an alien abduction because I have no memory of the incident or, for that matter, of ever being in Burlington, VT. Having had my memory wiped clean by the aliens’ advanced spaceman technology is the only possible explanation. But I can’t quite figure out why Pam didn’t notice I was gone for six months. . .

  5. I have to say, the most fun part of this entire tournament has been your “trash talking.” It’s the most intellectually through bad-mouthing I’ve ever seen. =D

    • {blush} It’s been such a fun ride, Amy. I’m so glad you’re doing this. This was a very good time for me to focus on some humorous writing. I needed it.

      But I’ll tell you, St. Petersburg really tested my trash talking abilities. Their high rate of depression and many incidents of police violence toward family pets in the past year (the shooting of a 12 year old, arthritic Golden Retriever really galvanized public opinion against the police’s heavy-handed use of deadly force) are just too awful for me to make fun of.

      I’m glad I squeaked through and moved on to a funnier target. :)

  6. You are good :)

  7. You’ve got this bad, don’t ya? LOL

    • Gee, you think? :)

      If I were watching me, I’d have to say there’s someone who needed to cut loose and have a little trashy fun. :)

  8. You frighten me too. But I have to stick up for my hometown! I’m a Burlingtonian and a Vermonster. Also my daughter graduated from Cornell University so I’ve also been to Ithaca many times. I have to say, Burlington is bigger and better! Lake Champlain is 125 miles long, while Cayuga Lake is a mere 38 miles. Besides, we have a sea monster named Champ. And….wait, you sly dog! We’re supposed to be comparing Burlington with Cape May. Aaaggg you tricked me! I can’t say anything about Cape May because I’ve never been there (and because you frighten me), but I do want to say that Burlington is friendly and full of fun opportunities for dogs. There are outdoor concerts, bike paths, hiking trails nearby, the boardwalk, and dogs are even allowed on the ferries! I’m sure Cape May is very nice and…what? My husband tells me I’m being too nice and I have to try a little trash talking too. Ack! I’m not good at trash talk. Plus, I’m not clever and witty like you. Okay: Burlington rules, Cape May drools!! Vote for Burlington!

    • LOL! Thanks for bringing some spirit to the competition, Peggy. I love seeing hometown pride.

      Oh, and Vermonters suck syrup. :)

  9. I thought aliens only bothered people in Sedona, Arizona…

    You know Cape May will always have my vote. According to this information, it has it all. In fact, I think I’d have a hard time leaving!

    • Are you talking about illegal aliens (sorry, unregistered immigrants)? Or space aliens? Cuz Americans are getting pretty bothered by all kinds of aliens in some circles. :)

      If I make it into the final four, I’m going to write a piece on traveling with a “challenging” pet (whether reactive or overenthusiastic) using Cape May as a case study. I guess I can’t be trashy all the time. :)

  10. I voted for Cape May! I can’t argue with your logic.

  11. You always make me laugh, even when you are ‘trash talking’ you still have finesse and flair.

    Naturally I voted for Cape May, having never been there myself I am taking you at your word. :-) BTW you were leading when I cast my vote. :-)

  12. I don’t want the tournament to end… I’m enjoying your trash talking too much.

  13. OMDog! I’m nowhere near as witty as you but Cape May has my vote! Years ago, though, a medical resident and I talked about her feeling almost guilty for wanting to move to Burlington, VT where she would have almost normal hours for her medical practice; neither of us had dogs and she moved to Burlington. OK, it’s not relevant…

  14. Nice try, Burlington rocks!
    And hello from Vermont. :)