Book Review: Am I Boring My Dog?

Book Cover - Am I Boring My Dog?

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A book written in the form of questions and answers usually causes me to skim the table of contents to find the items most interesting to me. So why did I read Am I Boring My Dog (And 99 Other Things Every Dog Wishes You Knew) straight through?

Because it’s really funny. I didn’t want to miss any of the witticisms lurking in the sections I might consider missing. (Check out the footnote to question 88 where the author discusses marijuana as a risky plant for a dog to consume.)

Author Edie Jarolim doesn’t rely solely on humor, however, and has created a comprehensive yet concise guide to providing a good home for a canine companion. All the basics are covered, but Am I Boring My Dog answers questions I don’t think most dog experts have ever considered writing about. “Am I using my dog as a substitute for my kids who left for college? Or “How should I refer to my relationship with my dog?”

The greatest strength of the book lies in Edie Jarolim’s real life stories from her life with Frankie, the terrier she adopted in 2004. Frankie is Edie’s first dog and the inspiration for her research into all things dog.

Many people seeking their first doggy friend have an abstract fantasy–a sleeping hound in front of a fireplace or perhaps a canine athlete hiking partner. Edie’s stories of Frankie remind us that we’re in a relationship with our dogs–that we need to address the real likes and dislikes of our dogs instead of trying to remold them into something they are not. The Frankie stories make this a particularly valuable book for someone just starting to think about getting a dog as well as enjoyable to anyone who already loves a dog.

Disclaimer: A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher. To make sure I’m kept honest, I’m giving this copy away to one lucky reader.

To get your chance to win this book, leave a comment here with an example of something you think your (or any dog) would find boring. Or visit Something Wagging This Way Comes on Facebook and leave a comment on the link to this review. Contest is open only to readers in the United States to simplify postage. The winner will be chosen Friday, November 26, 2010 at 9 a.m. at random. (Yes, I know if it’s random you don’t need to note something your dog would find boring. But I’m thinking it will be fun. So just humor me.)

And if you’re looking for more fun swag, check out Edie Jarolim’s website Will My Dog Hate Me? during the Holiday Hop for Pets Giveaway.

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  1. louisebear2 says:

    My dog finds obedience work boring. She’ll do the motions but doesn’t enjoy it. I believe dogs should ENJOY what they are doing, so we do not do not participate in obedience activities. (PS Sorry I could not come up w/ a funny post! That’s why you are an author and I am not!)

    • I don’t care that your comment wasn’t funny. You just expressed what’s most important to remember about activities with our dogs–it’s the dog that counts!

  2. A bad day for my dog is one that I spend working on the phone and the computer rather than walking, doing tricks and playing with the ball. She just sighs and curls up under the desk — company is good but a nice mid-morning romp is better.

  3. I find it boring when mom sorts all the stuff to take to the accountant for her tax return. She doesn’t let me help organize the stacks, or shred papers, and she gets grumpy!

  4. How about spending hours licking themselves, chewing catnip toys and clawing up a scratching post?

  5. Dottie and I find watching golf on television boring. Even though she loves her tennis balls, she is no fan of other people hitting good balls out of her range to chase. She is a Corgi and, at her age, those little hamster legs can only run so fast. Mom throwing her toy across the living room is much more fun. When she gets tired, her pet bed is very close so she can take a break.

    • Maybe Dottie would find golf more exciting if she could find some bad golfers. I guarantee you I can’t hit it too far for a Corgi to chase.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Showering. My dog thinks climbing into a shower on purpose and going through the motions of getting ready for the day utterly useless. He does not get how anyone can possibly enjoy getting all of their best smells off.

  7. Sherman finds dog shows to be boring. He would rather be in the safety of his own home. He does not think there is anything fun about running around the ring with other dogs and having to stand there while a stranger touches him:)

    • Sherman is a singular male–I’ve never heard of another man who didn’t like having his testicles handled (though maybe not in public).

  8. Ginger and Vinny find reading a book boring. They would rather be outside playing in the leaves.