Blog Hop – Or How To Get Your Dog or Cat Fix When Your Pet Is Sleeping

I’m new to this blog stuff. So here’s my attempt to join a blog hop and add the code to my post. Wish me luck!

<<Update>> I can’t seem to get the blog hop link to work on my site. Perhaps it’s one of those things WordPress doesn’t allow on a hosted site?

Anyway, here’s a link to the site where I first saw the blog hop–it’s one I’ve just started reading and really enjoy: will my dog hate

Have fun!

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  1. Hi! Don’t you love the pet blog hop…so many new friends to meet and play with. Woof

  2. Hope you get the bugs worked out. It was meeting you during the pet blog hop!

    • Thanks for visiting. I loved your pix and will come back for a longer read when we get some rain this afternoon.

      For now, I’d better take advantage of the sunshine.

  3. Well, we found you, so at least it is partially working! Love your header pic!

  4. Found you through the Blog Hop. Looking forward to reading your posts!