Big Dogs of the Literary World

Honey the Golden Retriever rides in a kayak.

I’m an athlete, not an intellectual.

How well do you know the Big Dogs of the Literary World?

Dust off your English degree, take out those Cliff’s Notes, and

(Click and the quiz opens in a new window.)

Well, how did you do? And do you think dogs add anything to literature?

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  1. Wow am I had…zero % correct! Better get my act together! :0 Cute survey!

  2. Yikes we didn’t know any of those. Crickey. Epic Fail! Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    • Y’know, I should have added some Jane Austen to the mix. :)

      But I thought folks might find it fun to learn the Shakespearean ancestry of our silly blog name.

  3. hey i got 60%! very fun quiz, thanks :)

  4. English major here – 100%. That was fun and funny. :)

    Do you know, I never made it to Shakespeare for your blog’s title because my head immediately goes to Bradbury? (Even though I know it’s where he got his title.) Oops. :\

    • Funny thing, Leslie. I started off with Ray Bradbury too. :)

      Nice to know they they can take the woman out of the literature classes but can’t take the literature classes out of the girl–no matter how much time she spends on computers?

  5. I suck. I got 40%, but I guessed the three I didn’t know, so I guess I’m a bad guesser. LOL

    • Woo Hoo, Jodi! That means you’re not cluttering your brain up with worthless skills like literary comparative analysis. :)

  6. I’m a big dog…. can I be a part of the literary world?

  7. I also “suck” I got 40% too :(

  8. Challenge accepted! (Such amazing punny action here… I love it!)

    100% – if you need me, I’ll be over here while you plan my ticker tape parade. I kid, I kid… 😉

  9. I didn’t know any of them:-(

  10. Hah, CUTE! I got a 100%

    (oh, and my degree is in Psychology. I thought it was more “marketable” or something silly like that….joke’s on me!)

    • Bwa ha ha, thinking any degree except business, accounting, or medicine is marketable? What were you thinking, woman?

      Congrats on being perfect!

  11. Fun fun! And a 100% :)

    • Yes, but did you do it on your own? Or with help from Henry and Zachary? :)

      I’ll be waiting for a literary photo shoot one of these days. I can definitely see Zachary as Edgar Allan Poe.

  12. Woo hoo! 100%! Guess all the pretentious book reading has finally paid off. Very cute little quiz. I loved your doggy version of “Catch 22”. :-)

    • Congratulations! Everyone needs a triumph sometimes. :)

      Glad you liked the parody of Catch 22. I think that section of the novel is one of the best things ever written in English. Sorry Mr. Shakespeare.

  13. So cute! I read all those books/poem except for Toni Morrison so guess which one I got wrong??

  14. I’d missed this first time around but just took the quiz and totally surprised myself with 100%…fun!