Best Doggie Movies (It’s Only a Matter of Taste)

Although I may get the cyber equivalent of steaming doggie doo on my porch, I’ve got to say it. I hate just about every movie with talking dogs!

I learned this sad fact about myself while watching Cats and Dogs for the third time in one weekend of babysitting.

What do I think are the best dog movies? (Click the link to see a review at Rotten or the actual film to watch online.)

  • The Triplets of Belleville – While not a typical dog movie, Bruno is an important character who is very well animated. Every time I see this, I think that writer and director Sylvain Chomet definitely had a dog.
  • My Dog Skip – A young boy grows up with the help of his dog. Sometimes sentimental and not always easy to watch, it’s a heartfelt depiction of what a dog can mean to a child.
  • Babe – The exception to my rule about talking dog movies, many critics have called this the Citizen Kane of talking animal films. While technically about a pig, who do you think taught the pig all he needs to know?
  • Best in Show – Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy’s doc mockumentary about the world of dog shows is a laugh riot. This movie is different, however, for not saying much about how dogs and people interact. It’s really all about the people and the dog show is just the setting.
  • Sun Dogs – This documentary tells the story of the development of the Jamaican dog sled team.
  • The Jerk – Once again, the dog Sh*thead is only a character here. But he’s front and center for some of the funniest bits.
Golden Retriever Running

Enough with the movies! I want to be my own Action Hero!

Cleo, over at Cleo’s Day reminded me of another movie I’ve been dying to see, My Dog Tulip.

So what else have I missed? Do you think I’m crazy for not watching Air Bud?

Do you want to extol the virtues of the talking dog movie? Or do your tastes run more like mine?

What do you think makes a good dog movie?

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  1. I have been known to watch movies (such as Hanging Up) only because they have a dog in them. While the story lines of the Beethoven movies were not great, they were watchable, mainly due to the beautiful Saint Bernards. Another good Saint movie is George, but the take home copies are not good reproductions.
    The one thing I dislike about dog movies, regardless of story quality, is that often it then makes a breed desireable to people who have no clue about the day to day care of a dog. Ask any rescue after their breed is featured in a major film.
    Will I watch the Santa Paws films? of course

    Oh- and one of my favorites was always Lady and the Tramp

  2. We tend not to watch too many animal movies, but I prefer the more realistic kind, if you can really find that in Hollywood. I think my all time favorites are the OLD Disney movies, where the animals breeds and charactics were exaggerated and emphasized of the real animal. I really dislike animal stories were the animals act like humans. UGH!!

  3. I don’t generally watch dog movies either. I’ve read quite a few dog books lately, but try to stay away from those where the dog dies in the end. Even “The Art of Racing in the Rain”, although a fun book, brought tears in the end. I’ve been particularly fond of the Chet and Bernie books by Spencer Quinn. Fun, light reads.

  4. Cats and Dogs would be one of my exceptions to the talking dog movies. I don’t mind them, but I don’t go out of my way for most of them, however, that one is rather funny. Best In Show is one of my all time favorites! I never get tired of that one, and My Dog Skip is great, too.

  5. I also have a rule about all talking animal movies. It is okay if they talk without moving their mouths, because I love Homeward Bound (I know, I know, cheeseballs, but I don’t care) but I can’t stand animals that move their mouths up and down in the way that humans talk. Drives me nuts. I excuse the non-mouth-moving form of talking by saying that animals communicate non-verbally in a way only they understand. So it’s like the movie has just this communication for us in the form of voice-overs. Weak excuse? Probably. 😛

    Sadly, I have only seen two of the movies you mentioned, Babe and Best in Show. Both of them I loved, the latter especially. I need to see that one again, I think. I need to see all of the movies on your list, come to think of it. Thanks!