Best Dog Training Videos

I need help. Yeah, really. My friends are always saying, “Pam, you should get some help.”

But seriously.

I’m good at working training into every day circumstances–“sit” before getting breakfast, practicing recall when Honey’s already running at top speed to come inside, and giving the “down” command on walks to practice impulse control.

I'll show any stuffed rabbit out there who's boss!

But I stink at figuring out the mechanics of teaching new tasks. I often rush things, not breaking them down into enough steps. Or I don’t communicate well enough with my body what I need so Honey can learn.

I turn to video.

Both professional and amateur dog trainers have made some terrific training videos. And some are well-intentioned but not so helpful.

I’d love to see your links to good training videos. Please post a comment with one link to a good training video available to watch online (if you post more than one link your comment may be flagged as spam). Perhaps we can come back to this on a regular basis to find more great links.

To get us started, here’s just a few of my favorites:

Agility Trainer, Debby Wheeler, demonstrates “Crate Games” with her Italian Greyhound puppy, Zelda. You can see other videos detailing Zelda’s crate training progress over time here.

SIRIUS Puppy Training Class in Berkeley California – week one. One of the excellent resources available at Since we don’t have this kind of structured puppy class where I live, I’ve been using this as a reminder of things I can do with Honey.

Eric Goelbelcker in his blog, Dog Spelled Forward, has the video I needed with my last dog, Shadow. Here he shows you how to teach your dog not to bolt through the front door by setting up a practice using traffic cones (much easier than actually managing the front door!).

So send me your favorite links. As I said, I need help!

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