The Babies and the Bloggers – Something Swagging Home Version

You said it was fun. You said it was interesting. You said it was hard.

How Did You Do in the Something Swagging Match Game?

Click on the pictures in the right column to see larger versions and to learn more.

The Mystery Kids. . .

Kid A: Jodi

and their Secret Pups. . .

Pup 7: Kolchak

 are hanging out here.

Kol’s Notes

Kid B: Pup Fan

Pup 4: Bella

I Still Want More Puppies

Kid C: Jodi Stone

Pup 1: Sampson

Life with Sampson and Delilah. . . The 411

Kid D: Carey Cox Angell

Pup 10: P.D.

On Facebook: Carey Cox Angell and P.D.

Kid E: Peggy Frezon

Pup 9: Kelly

Peggy’s Pet Place

Kid F: Amy Burkert

Pup 5: Ty

Go Pet Friendly

Kid G: Kristine

Pup 8: Shiva

Rescued Insanity

Kid H: Lauren

Pup 3: Desmond

Life With Desmond

Kid J: Catalina Wood

Pup 6: Tibby

Just A Pup

Kid K: Julie Melfi

Pup 2: Cali

The Daily Dog Blog


And the Winner Is…

 Leslie Olyott of Bringing Up Bella


I’d also like to recognize the four brave souls who submitted their answers before I published a single clue (and who, by the way, did a pretty good job):

And a big thank you to my husband for setting up the game board!

Now that you see the pictures side by side, don’t you see how little everyone has changed? Which one did you find the hardest to identify?

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  1. Hahah! I can’t remember my answers at all but I’m pretty sure I got (more than) a few wrong. I might have not completely understood what I was supposed to do. Bad at following rules 😉 I thought the picture on the L was matched to the doggy on the R and I just had to find their names which I did by recognising the dogs. DUH. Terrific fun though! Thanks Pamela :) x

    • Actually, I think you got every dog right even if you weren’t matching it to the right baby picture. Which gave you a lot of right answers. :)

      I have got to learn how to run a fun an simple contest, though. I guess I don’t only make things hard on myself. I make them hard on everyone around me. :)

  2. Well now it looks so simple! I think I got a few right – congrats to Leslie!! Thanks for the fun contest. :)

  3. That was great fun! Though it sounds like making the photos work was kind of a nightmare. Congratulations to Leslie.

  4. Oh hey, cool! :) FTR, I would not have gotten a single person right without your clues.

    This was fun AND I found a couple new blogs to follow. :) Thanks for running it and for the effort it must have taken to do so.

  5. A very contest – but I didn’t even try. It was too hard – although of course, as you say – now that you see them side-by-side a lot of them seem so obvious! :)

  6. Congrats, Leslie! Love all those pictures !

  7. Congratulations to Leslie! Very well-earned. I think I guess most of them it was just those infant pictures that got the best of me. Julie’s was by far the hardest. I knew the dog was Cali, just had no idea who the person was to match her to.

    So much fun, though. Thanks to you both for putting it all together!

  8. Woot woot! Congrats Leslie! I loved the game Pamela. I kept my own list here (Since I ddn’t want to wn the swag bag) and I got more than I expected correct! Awesome fun!

  9. Leslie – I am completely impressed. I got a few right, but you rock!
    Great fun Pamela. So very glad you did this (I know you and your husband did a lot of work on this one). Thank God I have the answers now!

  10. Yikes! I got some of the right and a few of them wrong. A couple of them I couldn’t even hazard a guess on! I’m impressed by anybody who was able to figure them all out!

  11. Awesome – congrats to Leslie!

    Thanks for setting this one up… so fun! I don’t think I would have made it through without your clues, however. :)

  12. Congrats Leslie.
    And thank you Pamela for such a fun game! I think I got about 50% of the people wrong. But it was fun trying. Just for fun (lol) how about some statistics? Like who was guessed right the most, who was guessed wrong the most, etc??? I know, I am good at making extra work for other people!

  13. Congrats to Leslie and thank you for doing this Pamela, it certainly was a lot of fun. I do agree with Kristine, Julie’s was the hardest for me. I do owe you a picture of me in that pose though, don’t I? “-)

  14. Oh yes, the resemblance is striking when you see the photos in the correct order, lol. I didn’t keep a record of who I put where so have no idea how I went, but congratulations to Leslie. Awesome effort. And well done Pamela and Mike. I think you did a wonderful job putting such a challenging quiz together.

  15. This was so much fun! Congrats to Leslie on her win.

    BTW, I totally agree that Julie’s was the hardest!

  16. Wow! My guesses were way off! :)
    What a fun game. :)