Don’t You Just Love A Dog In Uniform? – Wordless Wednesday

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of dogs in clothes. So why is Honey so often wearing a jacket? Is it for safety? 

Tell Your Dog To Keep It In His Pants – An Anti-Humping Rant

It starts with a look. Then the dog puts his muzzle over Honey’s shoulder in a date-rapey “C’mon girl, you know you want it” gesture. And if Honey or I don’t act to stop it, the dog soon starts to mount her. I just want to know why the humans don’t tell their dog to keep […]

Dog Training Fail: Feelings Count Too

I could count this as a dog training failure on many levels: I moved too quickly, didn’t test the behavior in a high distraction environment, and didn’t have a back up plan. But I think my biggest problem was forgetting that in dog training, feelings count too.

Should You Get Pet Health Insurance?

Honey just celebrated her sixth birthday. She’s officially middle-aged. And as we approached her latest birthday, I started thinking about something I don’t consider with a young pup. Should we get Honey a pet health insurance policy?

Crabby The Crabber? Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes you see things that make no sense.

How Does Your Dog Know When You’re Coming Home?

Can you make it in your front door without finding your dog waiting there to greet you? Most people can’t. Do you ever ask yourself how your dog knows when you’re home?

When Is A Boat Better Than An RV?

Living on a boat is like living in an RV. But an RV is more comfortable and less complicated than a sailboat. Except one time when a boat is definitely better than an RV. Can you guess when?

Nothing Like A Good Stick – Wordless Wednesday

Sometimes there’s no toy better than a good stick.   What is your dog’s favorite “found” toy?

No, My Dog DOES NOT Want To “Meet” Your Dog

It happens every time. Responsible dog people take their dogs off to the side when we walk by. But the crazy people, the ones whose dog looks rabid at the end of their leash, think my dog wants to “meet” their dog. No freaking way.

How Do You Know When Your Dog Is Stressed?

She doesn’t bite her nails. Or twist her hair into knots. How can we tell if our dog Honey is stressed?    

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