Buying Stuff Does Not Help Animals

Baby sea turtle.

Whether you celebrate an end-of-the-year gift giving holiday or not, you can’t escape. Buy, buy, buy. But there’s one message that has you and me in its laser sights to tempt us to spend: Help animals today. Ten percent of your purchase goes to (pick one—save homeless kittens, end elephant poaching, spay and neuter feral dogs). […]

Should You Invite Your Dog To Thanksgiving Dinner? Take Our Quiz

Honey the golden retriever plays with Zoe the foster puppy.

Everywhere I look, someone is offering me advice about my dog for Thanksgiving. How to travel with her. What to feed her so she doesn’t get sick. How to groom her for holiday pictures. But no one has offered advice about the most important topic. Should I invite my dog to Thanksgiving dinner?

Thankful For Puppy Caregivers – Wordless Wednesday

Mike and Zoe the foster puppy.

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and I have a lot to be thankful for. First, I’m thankful for my husband who slept on the floor beside Zoe the foster puppy’s crate so she’d settle down and go to sleep her first night with us. And I’m also thankful for Honey being such a good host dog. Despite […]

How To Make A Foster Puppy Survival Kit

Foster puppy sitting on her pillow.

The puppy is coming! The puppy is coming! Thank goodness I’ve assembled a foster puppy survival kit that will make life so much easier. Of course, there are still a few extras I’d love to have.

This Shocking Item Set Off My BS Meter

Honey the golden retriever puppy near a baby gate.

I’m kinda gullible about people. If someone tells me something, I tend to believe it. After all, why would they lie? Thanks to a good liberal arts education, I don’t have the same failing when I read something. And it’s a good thing. Because I got a shocking email recently that set off my BS detector […]

Countdown To Puppy Time

Honey the golden retriever puts her toys away.

Our local shelter is receiving a litter of puppies. And they need foster homes to keep them healthy until their vaccinations take hold. Guess who will be hosting a foster puppy for the next two weeks? When a puppy comes to visit, we get ready by: bringing the extra crate down from the attic setting up […]

Sometimes My Dog Scares People

My golden retriever dog sometimes scares people.

Usually I worry that my sweet, fluffy girl doesn’t scare people enough. People put their hands in her face as Honey walks by. They snuggle up and try to kiss her. And they do all kinds of things I know they’d never try if she looked more like a Doberman or German Shepherd. So if people […]

Death Kitty 2000

Honey the golden retriever looking for Death Kitty 2000.

My dog is a pacifist. She’s a gentle soul who loves everyone. She wouldn’t harm a fly. But one critter in our neighborhood brings out the worst in Honey. I call him Death Kitty 2000.

Why Should I Yell At My Dog Because Your Dog Is A Jerk?

Honey the golden retriever and a statement about jerk dogs.

Imagine you’re on a bus or shopping. A stranger walks up to you and does one of the following: sniffs your neck while asking about your perfume, puts their fingers in your afro, or touches your pregnant belly. What’s the right response? An indignant yell? Running as fast as you can in the opposite direction? […]

Errands With The Dog

Honey the golden retriever at the food waste recycling spot.

Like many people, I take my dog with me when I run weekend errands. We dropped off books for the library book sale. Stopped by the credit union to deposit a pay check. Checked out a new store downtown. Oh look. They have pet sympathy cards. I’ll have to remember that. Bought the weekend paper. […]

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