Go On An Adventure With Your Dog

Honey the Golden Retriever waits to go kayaking.

It may not surprise you that I think every person should go on an adventure with her dog. But just what is an adventure anyway? And can every person take one?

Should YOU Foster A Dog?

Honey the golden retrievers makes allowances for a foster puppy.

When we move aboard a sail boat, I’ll be giving up some things—hot showers, always-on internet, refrigeration. But what I think I’ll miss most are the occasional visits from foster dogs. Maybe I’ll feel better if I can convince someone else to take my place in fostering.

On The Waterfront – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever on the river.

Scientific research says that being near the water makes humans feel better.  Does it do the same thing for dogs?

Pooping In Paradise

Honey the golden retriever.

We get lots of questions when we tell people we’ll be setting sail: “Will you be visiting Guam?” “Aren’t you worried about pirates in the Indian Ocean?” “Are you planning long, ocean passages?” The answer? It depends on our dog Honey. And it all comes down to poop.

Change Is Hard

Honey the golden retriever with for sale sign.

Losing a loved one, surviving a natural disaster, suffering from health problems—they’re all stressful. But what about good changes? Are they easier to handle? I’m unsure. All I know is that change is hard.

7+ Tips For Sharing Your Bed With A Dog

Golden Retriever on the bed.

Instead of folding up Honey’s crate and moving it to the attic every morning before prospective buyers come to look at the house, we’ve decided to let her sleep on the bed. Yeah, that’s why I’m yawning. But I do have some great tips for sharing your bed with a dog. Tips For Sharing Your […]

You Think You Know A Dog…

Honey the Golden Retriever sits at the store.

I spend hours every day with my dog Honey. I watch her. I write about her. You’d think there would be no surprises left. But just when you think you know a dog, she surprises you. My Dog Loves Everyone More Than Me It’s easy to think Honey loves everyone in the world. And that she […]

Crazy Dog People Behind Closed Doors

Honey the golden retriever puppy is carried by Mike.

I know what other people say about me. I’m a crazy dog person. But how crazy would people think I am if they saw me with my dog behind closed doors?

Dog Poop Is Blooming; It Must Be Spring

Honey the Golden Retriever puppy

I grew up in Maryland. As a child, spring meant warm weather, blooming bulbs, and the opening of the snow cone stand. But now I live in snowy upstate New York. And spring means two things: mud and dog poop.

What Does Your Dog Do All Day? – Wordless Wednesday

Honey the golden retriever sleeps on the couch.

When I get home from work I ask my dog Honey, “What did you do all day? Did you have adventures?”

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