Attack of the Teenagers – Or Will I Survive Puppy Adolescence?

Saturday, for the first time, Honey didn’t come when I called her. She raised her head. She thought about it. She decided, Nah, not interested.

What was better than the hotdog in my treat bag? The rotting cherries surrounding the tree at a local orchard.

Of course I went and got her. And tried again, at a shorter distance. With fewer mushy distractions. And she succeeded.

Honey hasn’t failed to come since. But everyone who has had golden retrievers tells me their brains fall out when they turn 6 months old. I guess we’ll see.

Hmmmm! I want to grab that sandal. But I bet it's kinda heavy.

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  1. De-Tails Training says:

    Don’t worry, I think Honey will only loose PART of her brain. And maybe only during a full moon. 😀

  2. From your comment to God’s ears….

    Thanks for helping to prepare us for adolescence. I don’t expect it to be too rough a ride.

  3. LOL! Well its true for Labs, Goldens, Lab/Golden’s, and Dachshunds thus far, we’ll see how the GSD pup fares whenever he/she comes :-)