At The End Of A Long Day…

…nothing feels better than taking off your life jacket.

Honey the golden retriever takes off her life jacket at the end of a long day on the boat.

My person says it must be like taking off a girdle at the end of a long day. I say, “What’s a girdle?”

Travel Update: We’re moving north quickly so we can wait out coming high winds and thunderstorms in a safe spot over the weekend. We won’t be online much until then. But we look forward to catching up with everyone when we arrive in Morehead City, NC.

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  1. Oh,those life jackets can get so hot and uncomfortable after a while. Stay safe!!

  2. BOL! I bet it gets really hot under there!

  3. We are wondering how much the wind moves your boat around or are you safely anchored to land? Looking forward to hearing from you in safety.

  4. We’ll stand by! Travel safe..

  5. I bet it feels just like taking off your bra! Safe travels!

  6. I guess you get used to wearing it all day, but it is like our collars…feels good to get naked at night.

  7. We’ll be here! Safe travels!!

  8. Safe travels and wait until you get to Moorhead, Honey, before taking off that life jacket. 🙂

  9. Safe travels (even if you have to wear a girdle) 😉

  10. Wow, what an adventure! Glad I “stumbled” across you blog! Your canine baby looks as though she’s having the time of her life!

  11. Especially when the weather’s hot I bet! Be safe and enjoy Morehead City.