Are You a Dog Magnet?

Golden Retriever at Ithaca Festival Parade

Hey everyone! I'm back here! Wouldn't you rather be my friend than watch some silly parade?

Honey goes crazy for most people who visit so that meant nothing.

Not until out on the street did we see the true strength of our friend’s super power.

One after another, dogs stopped in their tracks to say hello to her. An old woman had to wait for her equally old dog to greet her. No dog we passed failed to at least give her a sniff.

As it happened over and over, Amy’s husband Rod said, “Yeah, Amy’s a dog magnet.”

Amy Burkert is a Dog Magnet

We all smelled like dogs (or, perhaps more accurately, carried some doggie scent). We all liked dogs. We were walking close together. But it was Amy the dogs sought attention from.

Rod was right. Amy Burkert’s super power is Dog Magnetism.

What Dogs Like

My brother-in-law once thought he had won Agatha and Christie over when he entered the house without them barking at him. Then he remembered he had a salami sandwich in his gym bag.

Food is definitely attractive to many dogs. And, although we didn’t frisk her to detect Milkbone underwear, I don’t think Amy was carrying food.

The sight of a ball will bring many retrievers running, but I don’t believe Amy’s camera bag was stuffed with tennis balls.

Some people are naturally attractive to dogs. It may be the way they move. Or perhaps a subtle difference in scent that only dogs notice.

I Love Dogs (but they don’t love me)

I don’t quite mean that dogs don’t love me. Individual dogs love me just fine.

But I’m not the first person a new dog will come up to for attention, nor the second, or the third. When we’ve found lost dogs wandering on the streets, I’ve always needed my dogs to attract them to me despite their showing no signs of fear. (The lost dogs I usually encounter aren’t running for their lives; they’re more on a bit of a stroll.)

Maybe they sense I’m too needy. :) Or maybe I need to give Milkbone underwear a try even though I shudder to think what would happen to it as I pedaled my bike through pothole after pothole.

I’ve met other people with dog magnetism. It’s a beautiful thing to see.

I guess I could be jealous. But I’m not. It means that the dogs who become my friend are willing to give me a chance. I may not smell or look that appealing. But they stick it out for a while anyway to see if I can win them over. And eventually we become friends.

Go Pet Friendly Winnebago

Eyecatching, isn't it?

A New Moneymaker for Go Pet Friendly?

After witnessing Amy’s doggy magnetism, I thought of a new business line for Go Pet Friendly (For those of you who don’t know, Amy and Rod Burkert run a cool website to help you plan trips with your pets. You need to check it out.)

Here’s how it would work: Amy and Rod would set up camp in a place that would like to attract more people traveling with their dogs. Amy would sit on a lounge chair at the entrance reading a book. As the families drove by, they would be forced to stop the car as their dogs went insane trying to get closer to Amy.

Once out of the car, of course the dogs would make it clear to their people that they wanted to stay. Amy could work on commission.

No need to thank me, Amy and Rod. I’m just doing my small part to promote a stronger human/canine bond when people travel with their pets.

Are You A Dog Magnet?

Are you a pied piper of puppies? A captivator of canines? A gatherer of greyhounds? A beguiler of beagles?

Or are you just a regular old person who happens to like dogs—and is willing to put the time in to become their friends?


Hop on…

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  1. I think that could be a great venture for Amy, that’s too funny. My mom is a dog magnet for sure. It’s pretty funny really. Dogs like me, mostly because I always have Roxy and Torrey with me. Can’t wait to meet you at blogpaws, I’ll be the one with the small gray dog. Roxy will be certain that everyone at blogpaws is there to see her. LOL

    • Looking forward to meeting you and Roxy at BlogPaws! I’ll just look for the person surrounded by dogs–as if by magnetism. :)

  2. It has to be a scent thing. I have a very nice friend that dogs do not like. Mine are normally friendly, but they go into another room when she visits. She says all dogs are like that and she has never been able to befriend a single dog.

    • Hmmm, are you saying I don’t smell as good as Amy? :)

      I’d love a hint about the information dogs receive about us. We have no idea just how much they’re smelling and I suspect you’re right about the scent thing.

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Oh, I had a good laugh at this post!

    My husband is a pied piper of dogs! Even the most cantankerous, fearful and timid dogs will approach him. A lot of times I’m a dog magnet, too, but there are a few who aren’t attracted to me. I used to think hubby carried steak in his pockets, though!

    • Maybe your sweetie should be working in Search and Rescue for other dogs. If Kuster wasn’t up to working, he could probably go out on his own and the lost dogs would come right to him. :)

  4. Me? A dog magnet? Hahaha. I’m the crazy lady who shoves mobile phones into their faces. They normallly RUN when they see my coming! The Other Half however. … . He’s one of those that even snobby, nippy or shy dogs go up to for a pat and cuddle.

    You must almost be at blogpaws by now. So exciting! :)

    • If you rub a little bit of steak on your mob, I bet you’ll get some amazing pictures. :)

      I leave Wednesday and it will take me all day to get to Salt Lake City. I need to find a suitable sacrifice to the airplane gods to make all 3 of my connecting flights. :)

  5. I’m a huge dog magnet. I have quiet, calm personality that dogs seem to like. I never try to make friends with dogs, I respect their space and they’ll come over when they are ready.

    When I met Rod & Amy in Niagara Falls, they invited me into the Winnebago. Ty came up to me & plunked himself right down next to me, something that Amy & Rod said he had never, ever done with a stranger before.

    • Aha, so you’re the person who befriended Ty. I think it’s great that you two were able to have a moment together.

      I think of you as very direct. You don’t ever seem to have a hidden agenda. I could see that being very comforting to a dog. Mixed signals are tough and I bet you never give them.

  6. I guess Jen is somewhat a magnet. Not just for dogs though. A myriad of animals have found their way ’round to say hello to her through the years. One of the most memorable was a parade where a team of Clydesdales stopped and they watched her while they waited to begin moving again.

  7. I have a fifty/fifty shot with any given dog. My husband, on the other hand, is an absolute dog magnet. I constantly hear people say things like “he never likes anybody” and see them rush out to get a dog that normally gets aggressive and there the dog is getting belly rubs from the hubby. He does glasswork so he’s often at people’s homes and rarely there with food. Now, he does more automotive glass but even the body shop dogs adore him. In the almost 20 years I have known him I have never seen a dog that didn’t like him and respect him. I see no outward signs of how he does this. The dogs just do what they do. Whatever it is if I could bottle it I’d make a fortune!

  8. I love dogs, but they aren’t drawn immediately to me. :-( And yes, I am jealous. LOL

  9. Animals are a magnet to me – I cannot resist them. And, even though this sounds really obnoxious, yes, I am kind of a dog magnet. More than that, they kiss me. All. The. Time. I meet dogs at antique shows and dog parks and always end up with them slobbering all over me. It’s getting a little out of hand how often I get kissed by strange dogs. Even Bella’s best beau, Gus, has given me kisses he hasn’t yet graced his own mom with. I think I must be extra salty. 😉

  10. LOL sounds like a good marketing idea. Most dogs like me. Most. 😉

  11. I love this post so much. And I am not at all surprised to hear this about Amy!

  12. How did I miss this!?!? What a cute post, Pamela – and thanks for the excellent business idea. I’m going to start lining up pet friendly businesses right away!

    I guess with blowing up the Winnebago and moving in with Kim and Tim I somehow this post slipped by. I’m glad I double checked to be sure I’d seen them all!