Are My Dog And I In The Mafia?

Recently I noticed that Honey and I have something in common.

No, it’s not constant shedding (although there are lots of long silver and gold hair on our pillows).

It’s that we both act like we’re in the mafia.

Honey the golden retriever in the mafia.

I hope someone remembered to leave the keys in the getaway car.

Honey and Pam in the Mafia

Let me explain.

When I walk into a restaurant or library or meeting, I scout out the perfect seat.

My preferred seat gives me a view of all the exits with a wall or corner at my back and with a window at my side.

If I’m forced to sit with my back to a door, I get very antsy.

And I’ve just noticed something about Honey.

When she jumps on the bed, she lies against Mike’s pillow at an angle so she can look out the door. If we’re in bed, she ALWAYS faces out the bottom of the bed, never with her head at the top, beside ours.

There’s only one reason.

In an earlier life, we must have been mafia hit men.

Honey the golden retriever sees you coming.

I see you coming.

Why else would we feel such a strong need to monitor the exits and entrances to a room?

Your Turn: Are you and your dog always on alert? Or are you more relaxed about your view of a room?

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  1. You always make me smile — or laugh out loud — with your wild imagination!! :)

  2. Martine says:

    I share your penchant for the seat facing the door, but I don’t think my need is mafia-related lol. Duster likes to lie in the spot at the crossroads: he can see everything going on in the LR and down the hallway at the same time.

  3. Harley is never no alert – she relies on me I guess to be the one on duty. Once I get startled – he’s on like popcorn.

  4. Katie was always fussy about being in site of the door, the people, etc, but these days she isn’t so interested in it. I like to be in my front window to see what is happening, Bailie doesn’t seem real concerned, neither does mom.

  5. Haha LOL that happens here, too!

  6. Often when my Italian family has large gatherings at an Italian restaurant someone will make a joke about not wanting to sit by the window.

    As we got hiking more often, I’ve noticed that I’m incredibly alert to who else is sharing the trail. I’m constantly aware of who is crossing our paths, if they have children and if they have a dog. If a dog is coming, I’m quick to pull Bailey off the trail to work on keeping her calm and focused. If a child is coming, I’m quick to shorten the leash (we use a 15-foot leash to give her space to be a dog). My husband, on the other hand, is far slower with these reactions. Maybe my husband is the one that needs more training.

  7. I know that feeling, apparently not wanting to sit with your back into a room means that you were a soldier in an earlier life!

  8. So funny. Cupcake makes it a point of sleeping next to my bed. I try hard not to step on her at night, but I admit I have a few times. She faces sleeping the doorway too. I think she’s protecting me. :)

  9. I wouldn’t be much of a Pyreneean Mountain Dog if I didn’t monitor all exits! Maybe you were both Pyrs in a previous life!