Are Dogs (Wo)Man’s Best (facebook) Friend?

If you spend your free time on social media, does your dog go with you?

We know you like your dog. Who else does?

Social Media and Dogs Infographic from Lab 42
Originally seen at Mashable.

Fess up. Who’s really on social media? You or your dogs?
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  1. ya! I woulda thought the numbers would be higher for social media pets! Interesting! I wish those 53% of poop-picker-uppers lived by us… >:(

    • We live in a rarified world, Eryka. We don’t realize how weird we really are. :)

      BTW, my husband swears the poop scoopers are definitely overreporting.

  2. Interesting stats! I have more friends than my human on Facebook :o)

  3. That is a great survey! I agree with eryka, I would think that the numbers would be higher for social media pets! I think my dogs have more friends on FB than me:)

  4. Given that almost half the respondents would choose internet vs their dogs, it must be the humans who are really on social media…but, wonder what the results would be if based on a larger study – ? Very interesting survey!

  5. Very interesting!

    All of my accounts – Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, the blog – are technically mine, but I’m definitely one of “those” who just puts pictures of her dog(s) up everywhere. Sure, they’re in my name, but they’re really mostly all about them.

  6. I admit that Bunny is a lot more popular on Facebook and Twitter than I am! 😛 I’m surprised that the numbers are so low, and I tend to think that their sample was a little too small to get an accurate read.

  7. That’s a tough one; my blog and my dog are inextricably linked. So although Frankie doesn’t really have any social media accounts — and, sorry, I’m not crazy about people blogging in the persona of their pets — he is featured as my avatar.

  8. I’m like Edie. All my social media is about the dogs but it’s written by me, not them. Because they are way better looking than me they get to be my avatar.

    I was also surprised at the low numbers of social media pet accounts.

  9. That’s a great survey, me too – I’m really surprised at the Twitter figure, but not the 56% on treats 😀

  10. I have Facebook, Twitter, 4Square, Tumblr accounts and a blog.

  11. I very much enjoy some of the blogs “written” by pets, I think they offer a fun and refreshing view of things.

    I’ve never really been able to ‘hear’ Bella’s voice so that’s why my blog is written about her, not by her. The blog has a facebook page but she does not. I have my own facebook page which is not all about her, I’m actually trying to figure out what to do with the blog page vs. my own page…. My Twitter acct is all my own.

  12. The dogs, of course! Who wants to hear about boring ol’ me?? BOL!

  13. I must admit that I am one of the 14% that created a Dog Book account for Jersey.

  14. This is interesting stuff! We have lots of doggy friends in the social networking world, and it sure makes things more fun!! :)

  15. All my social media is in my name only. I blog about Our Best Friend, but I have separate blogs for separate topics (and all my blogs except The Dog Park are basically dead, so there).

    I only don’t pick up the poop when I don’t see him do it. So there.

  16. I would not be on Blogger or Twitter or any of those Twitter “helpers” like Klout or Triberr, or YouTube, or flikr, and my personal FB page would be gathering dust…if not for the dogs. Clearly, I’d have no life without them. 😉