Another Funny Dog Video from Smack the Pony

Funny dog video coming up soon. But first an announcement.

Last week I promised to post some information about setting up K9 nose work games in your home based on the class Honey and I were taking. Unfortunately, snow postponed our last class so I’ll be posting something after the next class. Keep watching.

Maybe it’s bad form to post doggie videos two weeks in a row from Smack the Pony but they’re becoming my new “go to” source for canine humor.

Smut Warning & Spoiler Alert:

If you’re easily offended, you may not want to hit the “continue watching” button. Not everything Smack the Pony does is this clean.

Last week one reader mentioned she couldn’t see the video at all. Watching this video requires you to have Adobe Flash loaded on your machine. Apple doesn’t like Flash so it doesn’t come loaded on Macs. After a spoiler alert, I’ll describe the video for those who want to keep their computer free of Flash. But I’m not promising the joke will still work without the visuals.

**************************** Spoiler Alert ************************************

A woman is jogging in the park when she comes upon a Golden Retriever sitting in the path. When she stops to see if he’s ok, he barks at her. The woman realizes the dog is trying to tell her something so she jogs after him. After a few moments, the Golden Retriever stops next to a bully pup who then runs off. The woman follows him.

The bully dog runs into the woods leaving the panting woman beside the trail looking at yet another dog who begs her to follow and then runs off. The woman continues to follow until she comes to a Belgian Shepherd who urges her to follow. She jogs on stating that she can’t keep up much longer.

As the woman is obviously at the end of her energy, we see in the foreground a furry paw setting a twig upright in the mud which the jogger than trips over and falls face forward into the mud. As she looks up, we see the four dogs sitting in a row in front of the mud puddle, each looking off in another direction with a “who me?” look on his face.

Didn’t work? Sorry, I guess you just have to see it.

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  1. I can’t watch this apparently because I don’t live in the U.S. Booooo. Our computers will cause the Internet to shut down I guess. Hulu hates Canadians. I don’t blame them. We’re pretty diabolical.

    But it does sound funny, by your description. I just wish I could have seen those dogs in action! Happy Friday!

  2. That’s funny. Have you seen the one where the border collie builds a sheep pen? That one really cracks me up.

  3. Thanks for the Friday giggle!

  4. That was great! I can see how you are getting hooked on these videos!!