Ambivalent Dog – Wordless Wednesday

Honey never lies on her back. At her most relaxed, her front end sleeps on her side, her back end sleeps on her back.

Let me show you.

Honey the Golden Retriever is ambivalent about sleeping on her back.

Should I sleep on my side? Or on my back?

How does it look from another angle?
Honey the Golden Retriever is ambivalent about sleeping on her back.

I can’t decide.

Your Turn: What position does your dog choose when he or she is most relaxed?
Thank you everyone for your kind words about Something Wagging This Way Comes and your awesome suggestions for a logo and design on my post What Do You Expect From a Dog Blog. You have given us lots of great ideas to work with. I can’t thank you enough for all your help.

I can’t promise a new design will happen quickly. But it will definitely include your ideas. And we’ll be back when we have something new to show you.

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  1. Sigh…such are the tough decisions our dogs have to make! 😉 have a happy wednesday!

  2. Maggie sleeps entirely on her back nose to tail – and usually half-on/half-off her bed. Don’t know how she can be comfortable. Jack usually sleeps on his side with his blankie scrunched up as a pillow.

  3. Alma likes to sleep like this, too! We call it the Burt Reynolds.

  4. I like to sleep on my back with my legs in the air :-)

  5. Hurley shares Honey’s indecision most of the time. :)

  6. Callie, Shadow, and Ducky's Mom says:

    OMD! Shadow is the same way! I call it her unladylike position. :-) With the hip dysplasia, Callie sometimes has a hard time getting comfortable — she will change positions almost every 15-20 minutes on a cloudy/rainy/muggy/damp day — my poor girl. Now Ducky? She gets into some positions that make it uncomfortable for me to even look at…God only knows how she can possibly be comfortable in them. And when Callie was younger, she would curl up in the recliner and her head would be “hanging” off the front of the seat cushion! Man, talk about something that hurt to look at!

  7. Uh…looking a little slutty there, Honey. But on you it looks wholesome.

  8. LOL Honey that is a funny position. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Corgis sleep completely upside down, usually with some part hanging over the side of the bed or sofa. Ergo, Honey’s lower half must be part corgi :-)

  10. I’m wondering if this is a “long-haired dog thing?” Dakota sleeps the same!

  11. Honey, sleep on your back. You invite a tummy tickle.
    BJ sleeps on his side or one his stomach. Something must happened to him before he came to live with me. He won’t go on his back. I’ve had three trainers try to get him the do it and they gave up. Some traumas stayed with him for 13 1/2 years.

    The only time he sill semi-turns over is before we go to sleep and he’s next to me getting petted. Then he turns slightly so I can give him chest rubs.

  12. Shiloh is up to Honey’s challenge – go see his photo at Dog Blessed @ Silverwalk :).

    And Honey? You are gorgeous no matter how you lay – though your spine twisting gives my back a twinge.

  13. My sister tends to sleep like Honey or with all four paws up. I prefer to sleep on my belly or curled up. I only show my belly if I am rolling in something special outside or if I need a belly rub!

  14. Oh Honey- you so cute! Del sleeps completely on his back, with his paws above his head. He usually sleeps like this after he’s sneaked into the middle of our bed, carefully treading not to wake us, and slots himself perfectly between me and the other half. He’s a bed-hogging ninja!

  15. Gizmo at his most relaxed is full out on his back with paws curled in the air…but honestly this dog can sleep anywhere in any position…lucky him

  16. Cute! Rita will lay fully on her back when she’s relaxing, but she doesn’t sleep that way. She mainly likes to sleep curled in a ball. (Hmm. Wonder if that is leftover from her time “on the mean streets.” Poor kid.)

  17. LOL! Maya and Pierson both love to sleep like that! 😀

  18. The second photo of Honey makes me feel a little seasick! Frankie will sometimes lies on his back (or roaches as it’s called in Greyhound speak) but he generally lies straight, except when he lies in a circle :) Beryl doesn’t roach very often unless she’s on the couch and can balance on the back of the couch. She only does it when I’m sitting next to her and she expects a tummy rub!

  19. Donna never lies on her back either and I’m hopeless in trying to teach her to rollover :X she sleeps on her side… and sometimes she’s all curled up like a donut. I read that dogs must be very comfortable in the house before they would sleep on their backs, no sure the accuracy of that. :)

  20. Our Sheba lays the exact same way! On the bed at night, I will tell her to “roll over” so I can have some leg room, and she’ll often just stall in that exact position. Or roll all the way over and then back again to end up like that. Once in a while she will also land on her back with all four paws in the air.