Almost Wordless Wednesday – Surprise!

Once a week I work late teaching a first time home buyer’s class. While I’m gone, I never know what the hubster will be up to.

Sometimes he catches his favorite tv shows online that he knows I hate. Other times he’ll edit music on the computer. And sometimes he does all those little household tasks he’s been putting off.

Last night, I came home to find this surprise:

Honey the Golden Retriever on bed in front of portrait

Sigh, it’s so hard being beautiful.

Did you see anything that might be new or different in this picture?

Golden Retriever portrait

Thanks, Sweetie.

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  1. Aw… I love it! Happy Wednesday!

  2. So sweet! (Honey, that is, but the picture is sweet too.)

    That reminds me; I ordered some prints of Silas to frame and never did it.

    • Don’t feel bad. This has been a long process for us too.

      My husband arranged the photo shoot as my Valentine’s Day gift. He got the picture he chose framed over the summer. It was put up yesterday night.

      Patience rewarded. :)

  3. Love the portrait!

    (Also, is your gorgeous bedding from Saffron Marigold? It’s fab!)

    • Good eye. Yep, Saffron Marigold is one of my faves. I’m only sorry I don’t need to buy more stuff. I love Indian textiles. And I’m thrilled to find a fair trade business that sells stuff I can actually use.

  4. I noticed it right off the bat and it is just BEAUTIFUL!! What a great hubby!

  5. That is just beautiful! Most of the photos in our house are of our pets. It’s a good thing my family lives too far away to be offended. 😉

    • The only photos in our house are of our pets. :) And my parents live only 8 miles away! It’s a good thing they don’t like having their pictures taken.

      I’ve started taking the camera with me sailing. It just looks pitiful to see thousands of pictures of Honey on my computer and not a single one of my husband. :)

  6. That’s a lovely portrait!

  7. Woof! Woof! Such a Golden, smart. Bed is comfy. Great painting. Happy WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. Love the way Honey’s gold lights up the bed and the room.

    • Of course we planned it that way. The people at Home Depot couldn’t figure out why we came to the paint department with a hand full of dog hair.

      Just kidding. :)

  9. Very nice – it was worth the wait! (These home projects take time! I know cuz we have a million pending as well…)

  10. Nice photo :) Happy Wordless Wednesday! I hopped over via Blog Paws Blog hop :)

  11. That was really nice of your male peoples to surprise you like that. And Honey looks great in the picture…of course, all us retrievers are very photogenic.

  12. What a lovely treat! Sounds like a keeper! 😉

  13. What a beautiful portrait!

  14. What a great photo of Honey, both in the portrait and in the bedroom! :) It looks like she’s in her element! :)

  15. I love the framed painting of Honey, it is very beautiful. I also love the photo of Honey sitting in front of her picture. It’s almost as if she’s saying, “Yes, I know I’m beautiful.”

  16. Wow! A wonderful gift!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday on Saturday!

  17. From the Husband, via Pam’s login:

    Portrait of Honey taken by Ithaca, NY photographer Sheryl Sinkow. So if you’re ever in the area with your dog. . .

  18. What a gorgeous photo of your gorgeous girl!