(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – Bitey Face

Golden Retriever and Hound Mix Playing

Golden Retriever plays with Hound Mix

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  1. Yep, that game is played here too.

  2. I guess it’s only a problem if you get caught! Looks like fun to play, anyway!

    • Actually, I’ll be the one in trouble. Cherie was spayed Friday and I’m supposed to keep her from playing for a week to 10 days. Yeah, I must have done something really terrible to determine this punishment. :)

  3. Great to see them getting along so well already! Cute photos. :-)

  4. Love it! Honey is so cute, even with her “bitey face” on!

  5. Those captions are perfect. Poor Cherie looks slightly intimidated in the first picture but it looks like she found her grove in the second. :-)

  6. Too cute! Honey really is the perfect foster sister. :-)

    • Well, not quite. If she were perfect she’d say, “But Cherie, you just had surgery. I think we should play checkers instead.” :)

  7. Found you through blog hop!

    I like to play bitey face as well! It is so much fun!

    Hope you will come and see me sometime!

    ~Stinky Kisses, Mason

  8. Ha, ha. Gretel tries to play bitey face with Chester but he doesn’t think it is very cool :)

  9. Cute! It’s so hard to keep them quiet after surgery! Checkers – hehehe, good idea! Maybe if you used cookies in place of the actual checkers, then they might be into it!

  10. LOL perfect captions!

  11. Linus and Toby have been playing bitey face the past week. Toby was having a one sided game of bitey face with Stetson until today. Stetson finally got fed up and started playing too.

  12. I got news for you Honey and mon Cherie! The humans can always tell from the holes in our faces and necks. They smart that way. I think having a few love bites is tres cool though.

    And hey! How come you don’t have to wear The Collar, Cherie? X

  13. Nothing more fun than that–and all the better because its prohibited!

  14. Ha! Moses and Alma are fans of that one, too. They’ll just lay on the floor and smack their open mouths into each other’s faces. I call it their version of making out – it’s a little ridiculous.

  15. Bitey face is fun! Leroy and Plunger play it all the time! Well, Plunger does most of the biting and Leroy does most of the jumping!

  16. Yay, bitey face! I do love bitey face pictures ^^

  17. Bitey face is so much fun. I play it with Luna all of the time… :)

  18. Ha ha ha! Oh, I love those two shots! Looks like Honey and Cherie are really hitting it off!

  19. Haha – I won’t tell either!!

    I wish my buddy Cosmo would play bitey face, you guys sure look like you’re having lottsa fun!! :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  20. MOWZERS! What fierce bitey faces!!

  21. Aw… what a cute game of bitey face!

    Yesterday evening, when I took the pups out in the yard, there were two very small and short games of bitey face – I may have gotten very excited, however, as Bella has never played bitey face with anyone before that. :)

  22. So cute! Honey really does make a fabulous foster sister. You’re so lucky to have her as your aid. :)