All You Need Is…

Like the song says—

All You Need Is…

All you need is love.

Or should it be…

All you need is pup.

All you need is pup, da, da, da, da, da.

Your Turn: What song do you like to sing to your pup?

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  1. In keeping with the Beatles theme, Let It Be. It doesn’t work as well as “Leave it,” but then again that usually doesn’t work very well either.

  2. It’s the same, you get one with the other.

    • And you don’t even have to mess with the song lyrics much.

      That could be a fun car game–every song you sing, substitute “pup” for “love” in the lyrics. :)

      • Great. Now I hear Paul Simon singing, “She pups me like a rock. She pups me like a rock, oh baby, she pups me. She pups me, pups me, pups me, pups me.”

  3. That actually is one I hum a lot. It’s a favorite of mine from the Beatle era. Right after a few bars of that I have been known to bust out in a few James Brown numbers! LOL

    • Yeooooww! I feel good.
      Like you knew that I would.
      I feel nice.
      With my HONEY and spice.

      Oh, that’s not the way that goes? Well it should. :)

  4. Love it!

  5. Honey-O! That reminds me of the song “Cherry O Baby” by UB40. I usually sing “Brown Eyed Girl” to Haley but I’m going to try “All You Need Is Love” and see if she likes it…I think she’ll love the “La La La La La” part, lol!

  6. Not wanting to frighten them or cause them to howl I don’t sing :-)

    • A song from a joyful heart is always a beautiful thing.

      And a little howling might be fun. After all, you don’t have lots of close neighbors to complain. :)

  7. The dogs don’t really seem to appreciate my singing. :)

  8. All you need is a Tennis Ball!!

    I like to sing, da da da da da DANTE!! It’s more like a theme song though…

  9. I have a HORRIBLE voice but I do love to sing if no one is within earshot but the dogs. I sing all sorts of songs that I then switch the words around to suit whatever doggy moment is going on.

  10. The Daily Pip says:

    I am not much of a singer, but I talk to Ruby about all kinds of things. LOL

  11. I sing to mine all the darn time. I don’t have a specific song, as I like to mix it up with my mood. I think the dogs are used to it by now. They sort of look up at me, cock their heads and then keep on doing what they were doing when the song started.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  12. Aren’t they one in the same?! I know it always has been with my girls!

  13. Aren’t they one in the same?! It always has been with my girls.

  14. In keeping with the rest of the comments, Ducky’s song is Bobby Vee’s “Devil or Angel?” She’s a lot of both. ❤️ Shadow’s, Callie’s, and Kissy’s song is/was “All You Need Is Love” cuz they are/were pure love.

    PS. Sorry for the duplicate comment. That’s my wifi connection for you.