Adoptable Tripod Dog – Mya



Tripod Dog Mya

Despite having a sad start to life, I'm a very sweet girl. I get along well with everyone and still trust people, even though some have let me down. Won't you adopt me today?

Although it’s Wordless Wednesday, I have to say a few words about tripod dogs.

While we were trying to socialize Shadow to other dogs, we joined a play group at the Tompkins County SPCA. One family brought their newly-adopted tripod dog to give him a chance to play with other dogs in a supervised setting before seeing how he’d handle the public dog park.

He beat everyone on four legs. We’re talking Shiva-speed.

So if you meet a tripod dog, don’t feel sorry for her. Feel sorry for yourself that she doesn’t live with you already.

Thank you to the new folks supporting Honey and me at the March for the Animals fundraiser. It’s a great cause that has an impact on animal welfare all over the world, not just in my little corner of the world. Click here to see how.

A big wet kiss from Honey and undying thanks from me go out to our new donors:

Thank you all for everything you do to help animals, whether fostering, adopting, advocating, and now giving.

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  1. We’ve known quite a few Greyhound tripods, and they adapt and do extremely well!

  2. When the time comes to add to the pack, I am definitely looking towards either seniors or less adoptables.

    So far there are no plans….yet. 😉

  3. Mya looks gorgeous. She’s not worried she’s only got 3 legs, that’s obvious:) I hope she finds her forever family soon, someone needs her, I’m sure:)

  4. Mya is just so cute. I love that little subby tail too. I bet it also moves at 100 swings a second.
    The thing that has always impressed me so much about dogs, one of the things I envy the most, is the fact they don’t let their disabilities bother them. They don’t even see it as a disability. “Oh, I only have three legs now? Oh well. Let’s play!” There is no feeling sorry for themselves, no whining, and no judgment of other dogs who look or move a little different than others. It’s pretty cool.

    Heh, Shiva-speed. Maybe if I get a three-legged dog I’ll be able to beat her to the ball once in a while. Probably not.

  5. We have a great tripod dog at the Amazon CARES shelter. He is a lifelong resident, but he has two acres of property of roam and plenty of other dogs to play with. We fear adopting him out because houses are so open air in Iquitos, and we fear that he couldn’t defend himself in a fight. Your blog gives me pause to think. Although I consider him one of my pets so I think I’ll keep him! Lovely blog and thanks for all you do for our three and four legged friends!

  6. Mya is gorgeous! From experience, my dogs from now on will be seniors/”less adoptables”.

    Thanks for the kisses, Honey. Happy to help. :)

  7. I second Kristine– dogs just roll with this stuff. Humans have a hard time getting over it. A friend’s dog just lost an eye to a cat scratch, and as our friend put it, “Bothers us more than it bothers him. He’s still a happy little guy.” And while they didn’t set out to own a “disabled” dog, they do now! (And, to be fair to them, they already own a one-eyed cat– they don’t discriminate!)

  8. Awww. Mya doesn’t look like she misses that leg at all. :) BTW – I met a black, tripod, adult female rescue *cat* yesterday (the happiest cat in the whole bunch) and it was all I could do not to bring her home…