Adoptable Charlotte in Central NY

Charlotte the German Shepherd Mix at Tompkins County SPCA

I ended up in this spiffy apartment after trying to eat my people's exotic turtles. How was I to know they weren't a snack? Unfortunately, I prefer people to dogs, cats, and even turtles. I'm looking for an adult home where I can get lots of exercise. Won't you bring me home today?

Charlotte the Adoptable German Shepherd

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  1. Mike Webster says:

    “. . . after trying to eat my people’s exotic turtles.”
    Charlotte, don’t feel bad. I think we can all safely say we’ve “been there, done that.”

  2. Charlotte has such soulful, intelligent eyes. I’m sure someone will soon come along who can appreciate her … and doesn’t have exotic turtles:)

  3. What a gorgeous Shepherd. I hope she gets a new home soon. Such amazing and sensitive dogs!