A Sign Of Things To Come?

Do you know what Honey is standing in front of and what it means?

Shhhh, people from New England, mountain regions, the midwest, Canada, and upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Let’s see if the folks from Florida and California and other warm spots can figure it out on their own.

Honey the golden retriever poses with a hydrant.

If it’s not some kind of treat dispenser I don’t know why you’d be interested.

These markers appeared on every hydrant in my town this year. Normally they only show up in rural areas, when the hydrant is near a gully or an area where snow drifts.

Yes, you guessed it.

It’s a marker to help the fire department find the hydrant even if it is covered with snow.

But now I’m worried about just how much snow we should expect this season. Maybe I should get one to fasten to Honey’s collar, just in case.

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  1. Oh no… it’s that time of the year. I remember seeing these growing up in PA, but I’m surprised we don’t have them in Montana.

  2. So glad I don’t see those anymore :)

  3. It scares me. I wouldn’t want that much snow! In the rural area where I live, our mailboxes are on the side of the road. Many people have boards placed on the plow side of their mailbox to keep the truck from boxing it in. Good luck in Ithaca this year Pamela, see you in the spring. 😉

  4. We see those in Wyoming, kinda scary.

  5. Even here in Va, I’ve seen a few of those!

  6. I’m still a kid at heart, so I wish we got that much snow here in Ohio.

  7. Snows on it’s way here in Toronto too :(

  8. Yikes – that is a very tall pole. I hope it’s not REALLY necessary to have it be quite that tall!

  9. Ha! I totally guessed before I read the answer. I’m from Texas… we rarely have snow here. And definitely nothing that would go higher than a fire hydrant.

  10. Here in MN, they are on the hydrants all year…what does that say about our weather??? Yesterday they put the stakes in along the road curves for the plows. Can’t wait for the first big snowstorm!

  11. Oh no!!! It’s coming! I live in Minnesota (aka Minne”snow”ta) and we’re expecting snow tonight. :-\ We like the snow, but….we love fall so much, too!

  12. Glad you told me, I had absoDOODLEtutely no idea. WOW! You must be getting ready for some record breaking snow levels this winter (shiver)

  13. I’ve been seeing quite a few of these around here in Michigan lately; hoping we don’t break last years record which was a record breaker itself. I love the snow, don’t get me wrong, I just wasn’t well prepared for quite so much of it.

  14. That’s mental! We have them over here, and I can never believe the snow will actually get that high!!

  15. I’ve only seen those up at the Grand Canyon – I always thought that it was funny that they put flags on their hydrants. Someone had to explain it to me. ;0

    Monty and Harlow

  16. Now I’m worried too, after seeing the height of that stick!