A Short Story

I wasn’t going to write anything today. I don’t have time.

But Honey just did something so adorable. So Honey. I just had to share.

Golden Retriever smiling.

No film from Honey’s encounter with the bird. But this old picture best captures the look on her face.

A few minutes ago, I took Honey downstairs for a little break in the yard.

She went down the stairs and walked into the garden, as a tiny sparrow landed on a dogwood branch above her head.

Honey glanced up at the bird who when flew to the ground about a yard in front of Honey. Honey took a step toward the bird who flew off a few more feet ahead of Honey and then started eating something she found on the ground.

Honey quietly watched the bird for at least a minute before the sparrow flew off to the next yard. Then Honey did a little dancing hop of joy, turned quickly, and ran up the stairs.

I swear, if she could speak English, Honey would have said, “Hey, look who I just met!”

Honey loves all creatures—the bold rat who briefly stayed with us, my sister’s guinea pigs, the neighboring cats (well, all except the one who’s a really good hunter). And, of course, all humans.

I have a lot to learn from the furry, gentle soul who shares my home.

Your Turn: Can you think of a time when your dog did something that was so singular and so much an expression of who they are? Please share.


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  1. Everything my dog does that’s truly “him” is naughty. Like chasing squirrels and scaring the cats. But he cries if he isn’t allowed to greet everyone who enters the house. He truly loves people.

  2. Ellen Haith says:

    Our Bichon/Poodle/? mix, Harry, will chase squirrels in the back yard without hesitation, but if a deer goes through the side yard he will watch with rapt attention until the deer disappears and never make a sound.

  3. Oh, how sweet!!! My girls are all “hunters” and would have loved to have caught Honey’s new friend. Even my sweet Kissy was a “hunter” in her youth.

  4. Honey is so lovely!! Mity has decided he is a massive Poppy fan (and to Poppys credit she seems completely fine with him) when he comes round to mine he always goes to her cage to find her and they both sniff each other for the longest time. It’s so cute! But I would never not have the cage there, he is a terrier after all!

  5. That’s so cute, I can just imagine the look on her face.

  6. I travel quite frequently with my dog. One night at the hotel, we where going down the stairs to go outside and these two mini poodles came racing up the stairs off leash (my dog was on leash). Surprisingly my dog, who can be iffy around other dogs just wagged his tail and watched them run around his legs and bark. Eventually an elder gentleman showed up to coral his dogs and we both parted ways with no fuss! I was so proud and relieved my dog behaved so well.

  7. So sweet!

  8. Martine says:

    Years ago, we had a St Bernard. Because of his size, I had taught him to lie down when being approached by another dog. One early morning, I was walking through the park with him off-lead. A lady was approaching, so I moved to put his lead back on him. He moved to his right, off the path, and lay down quietly. I snapped on the lead but didn’t have to. He didn’t move a muscle while she passed. As she passed us, she thanked me and explained she was afraid of dogs. How he knew to do this, I’ll never know, but I was impressed.

  9. I love that. How many times I have told myself I’d take a day off from the blog, but the dogs do something cute that I just have to share!

  10. Honey knows how much we enjoy your stories about her, she’s making you blog anyway. Way to go Honey!