A Quick Snapshot Of New Friends

We met some new friends recently. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a picture of our visit?

How hard can it be to get a nice shot of two people and three dogs?

Leah Erb of Let's Go Dog and Pamela of Something Wagging pose  with Zach, Zoe, and Honey.

Okay, everyone. Let’s get organized and don’t forget to smile.

2Betty, Leah, Pam & Dogs

Those black dogs are such amateurs. They’re supposed to look at the camera, not the treats. Wait, there are treats?


3Betty, Leah, Pam & Dogs

You humans smile. We dogs have important sniffing to do.


4Meander, Leah, Pam & Dogs

Okay, walking is much better than standing. By the way, did you say that Zoe likes ducks? Because I think she wants to jump in after some.


5Close up

We dogs are all going our own way. My human has kind of a sick look on her face. But the nice lady in blue looks beautiful. I guess this is the best picture we’re gonna get.

We were thrilled to visit with Leah, Zach, and Zoe of Let’s Go Dog who stopped by to visit us in Cambridge, Maryland.

Leah is touring the perimeter of the United States (lower 48 states) in an RV (Betty) with her two dogs.

She is my hero. Because I can’t think of anything scarier than driving a big mobile home around the country.

And Zach and Zoe are adorable and fun and sweet.

We’ll be following their trip closely. Will you?

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  1. She’s coming here this weekend! Soooooo excited!

  2. How fun! I love meeting blogger friends. That is a really nice RV that Leah has.

  3. How fun! Meeting the invisible friends is always fun.

  4. Meeting blogging friends is THE BEST!!!

  5. What fun! Great to meet people face to face!

  6. Aw, so glad you got to meet face to face. I love the adventure in both of your blogs!

  7. That’s so cool you got to meet!

  8. How fun! I get really miffed when other dogs don’t cooperate for the camera, but I guess not all dogs are used to modeling. Looks like a fun meet up.

  9. How fun that you got to meet Leah and her crew. Since I have trouble getting pictures of my own three dogs, I think you did pretty well in the end with this!
    I’ve been following Leah’s travels, but have gotten behind, and was surprised to see she’s in your neck of the woods already. I wish I had the bravery to set out in a motor home…or a sailboat. :)

  10. It’s always fun to meet fellow bloggers! BOL – I never have luck getting all the pups looking one way, and Monty always seems to be in front of Harlow, and…. The list goes on!

    Monty and Harlow

  11. That is an adventure for sure!