A Pup For All Seasons

My golden retriever puppy in spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Your Turn: What’s your favorite puppy season?

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  1. Ah, puppy all year round!

  2. Spring. My puppies would get to play outside up on this mountain and learn to navigate the natural world before they went to their new homes! Mom would teach them a lot of important things, like, ” Stay away from that bee!”

  3. We like fall. Cool weather, beautiful scenery.

  4. Fall or winter when it’s cooler and we get outside more.

  5. Fall while the leaves are turning and just beginning to fall from the trees. We ALL prefer the cooler temps, even Ducky with her short hair, because we don’t get overheated running around the yard.

  6. PS. As for the seasons of a dog’s life? I don’t have a favorite — each season of a dog’s life is as special as the dog itself. But I would like to be able to adopt a senior from the shelter because the puppies and younger dogs have a better chance of getting adopted. Besides, at 60+ years old, I don’t want to have to housetrain a puppy any more.

  7. Bless her! Wow today is really making me miss BD

  8. Vlad & Barkly's Dee says:

    What’s the season that begins right after the “your potty is outside” and the “that’s mine don’t chew on it but you can chew on this” parts are over with? Yeah, any season after those parts is okay with Dee.

  9. So soft and fuzzy. Puppies look great any season!

  10. Usually the summer but we had a really hot one this year.

  11. in the snow!!

  12. Beautiful pics! I love the fall, because it gets cool enough that we can start hiking again – but it’s still so freaking hot here this year! Still waiting for it to cool down… Never seems to be cool on the weekends, when we have time to go for a hike!

  13. Probably when they’re about 2 years old :) I have no desire to have another puppy but I do like young dogs, although I’ll be adopting oldies from now on … if I live long enough!

    My favourite weather season would be Spring/early Summer.

  14. Cute! Puppies playing in snow is definitely my favorite puppy season. :)

  15. Leah is my winter gal, she can’t get enough of the white stuff, and Meadow is my summer gal, the warmer the better.

    I’m guessing Honey likes ALL the seasons, just like my Toby. He even likes rain!

  16. You are sure a great puppy. I can see just by looking at your fur!

  17. You seriously want people to pick one?! That’s crazy talk!

  18. Bubbies! (yes Bubbies, the term my dad uses for any Golden regardless of age, he’s that much of a sucker for Goldens) My family had Goldens while I was growing up and I love them! Don’t tell my crew of northern breeds that though!