A Picture of My Marriage – Wordless Wednesday

I’ve been talking (in the form of email and phone messages) to my local shelter about fostering a fearful dog.

Nothing is certain until I reach a voice on the other end of the phone. But we’re getting ready and assuming it’s going to happen.

Fostering, as you can imagine, brings a little stress into the house.

There’s the peeing on the floor, chewing inappropriate things, and games of bitey face on the couch. And then there’s the new dog we have to contend with.

If it was up to my husband, we wouldn’t foster. He would not bring a dog into the house at all.

But he supports me in everything I want to do. Even when it makes his life more complicated.

Let me show you what I found when I got up this morning:

A stuffed polar bear sits on the toilet seat.

If Mike needs to tell me something while I’m still sleeping, he attaches a message to his favorite polar bear and puts it somewhere I’m sure to find it.

Need a closer look?
Mike leaves a note.

He even printed. He knows I can’t read his hand writing.

You see, not owning a car makes bringing a foster dog into the house a two-person operation.

Our carshare only allows dogs if they’re crated. The rental van that is big enough for a decent sized crate is a mile from the house. And a fearful dog who has never walked on leash could not handle the walk with me schlepping a crate in my other hand.

So Mike will give up his lunch to help me make dog introductions and return the car.

Isn’t that sweet?

And now you know why I love him.

Because, given that he takes selfies that look like this, it had to be something.

Mike Webster sticks his tongue out for the camera.

That face! How could anyone not love that face?

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  1. A supportive spouse is one of the keys to a happy marriage. Looks like you’ve got a good one there! :) Good luck with the new foster.

  2. What a great guy – you’ve definitely got a keeper!

  3. Mom met Mike and she said he is great (funny). He is very sweet leaving you a note (nice print writing). Can’t wait to see your foster dog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. You are a lucky woman Pam…he’s a keeper.

  5. I have to admit, one of the greatest pleasures I had at BlogPaws was meeting Mike. (And you and Honey, of course. 😉 But there was something of a geeky camaraderie in Mike that I recognized, and appreciated, right away. A supportive spouse, as Peggy says up-thread, is so important in a marriage and in all our endeavors along the way.

  6. Ha ha…I have to admit sometimes I wish my husband was more appreciative of the dog culture pervading our home, but tho he gripes, he still takes on the dog sitting when I want to go to Disneyland with my sibs for four days! Gotta love a good man!

  7. Love that note thing! I’m sure a foster is a challenge. We can’t do it because mom would keep the pet. Mom even has trouble with pet sitting here at my B&B, she feels so sad when our friends go back home even though she still has us.

  8. Love the way he leaves you notes. That is awesome.

    I definitely agree with the above comments. You know it’s love when your partner is willing to put up with dog pee just to make you happy. :-)

  9. He definitely is a keeper Pamela. My hubby is generally supportive in all things Jodi, but he does draw the line at adding another dog to our home. Most times I’m in total agreement with him re: dogs, but then there are times when I really want to foster just because the story touches my heart.

    • Oops, hit enter too soon.

      I can’t wait to meet this foster and see how you all help. Someone is very lucky to be getting a dog you fostered.

  10. I knew I liked that guy! =)
    Seriously, it’s rare to find a partner in this life who will put their own preferences and comfort aside to make their spouse happy. You guys have a great relationship, and this is another heart-warming testament to that.

  11. Best of luck with your new foster. And Mike seems like a keeper, for sure. :)

    The one reason I look forward to owning a house is being able to foster, if it turns out that Silas can handle it.

  12. How wonderful that you are asking for a fearful dog. In my experience they are the most challenging and the most rewarding. Without help they have such a hard time adjusting to the scary old world of humans. With help they are the most loyal and devoted to humans.

  13. is it wrong that I developed a little bitty temporary crush on him simply because he has a favorite polar bear??

    • At the risk of encouraging a larger crush, he has TWO favorite stuffed polar bears.

      The really important thing to know is that the damaged nose of the bear in the picture was caused by long ago dog, Christie. And Mike still lets me have dogs. :)

  14. Awww, that’s very sweet. It’s good to have a good hubby. And it seems that Mike knows what my Mike knows – “happy wife, happy life.” :)

  15. U r indeed lucky. I HAD a husband who locked me out of our home til I turned a newly rescued dog into the pound. I still am not over the trauma it caused me and the poor innocent dog.2008 is just like yesterday. I left him shortly after. He was abusive to me so why I thought he would be empathetic to my feeling about getting rid of this sweet dog was my misfortune. I begged from the vets office while I was there for ck up.His this isn’t gonna work to don’t bother coming home just about sent me over the edge. All the while I’m crying hysterically this sweet dog is sitting next to me with his head in my lap…comforting me.Tried to get help placing him and came up empty.Paid for placement program at our local Humane society since no local rescues would return my calls.One lady out West returned my mass email plea.She was stunned that local rescues wouldn’t even return my calls to at least say sorry our fosters are full. She was so kind and tried to comfort me and give advice w some pure bread rescues who might help or could steer me to a solution. The dog looked exactly like the one in the Trans America commercial. Wish tht commercial existed then. To this day I don’t know what happened to him. Know now tht I could have boarded him.Don’t know if the no kill rescue in the neighboring st. would have helped me.I’ve tried to educate myself and pay it forward in memory of an animal I let down. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Id be relenquishing a pet. I am now peacefully a single parent and the caregiver of 6 furbaby rescues. I would not be if I was still married to the sub-human. Again, happy for u dear. If I ever date again two loves r required…kids and animals.Any wavering is a deal breaker.And I now have a great vet and all the techs there are into rescueing(sp) so I get to learn and ask questions.Wish I had known them then when they could have definitely helped me. Sorry to be long winded…it is a pain and memory that is always on my mind.That foster is one lucky pup to have you both.Wish you the best in working with him.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your painful memories. I can only wonder if your pup helped you see you deserved much better than your ex. Sometimes people are willing to endure a lot of suffering themselves. But seeing an innocent creature the subject of someone’s hatred and bitterness can sometimes give us the courage to do very hard things.

      Although you didn’t have any easy solutions, you did the best you could for that dog. And if you had convinced your ex to let you return to the house with the dog, I don’t think the dog would have fared very well. Nor would you.

      You’ve done a great thing for yourself, for your child/ren, and for the furbaby members of your family. Good for you! And keep paying it forward.

      I hope that life brings many kind people into your life who love and respect all life.

  16. Awwww what a FANTASTIC man!!!!! I love the idea of attaching a note to his favorite bear and I LOVE his “selfie” shows he is a fun guy! I can DEFINITELY see why you married him!

  17. Wait. Your husband has a favorite stuffed polar bear?

  18. Mike is a star Pam. You are a lucky lady and we are sure he is a lucky man. Nice one and we look forward to hearing all about the newbie. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  19. So sweet! I just love the photo!!! It must be love. 😉

  20. Was that Mike’s “here’s looking at you babe”face? lol!

    Welcoming the little one to his foster home.

  21. Awww….that is just so damn sweet. Can’t wait to see your newest foster pup (if things work out). :-)

  22. Now that’s husband!

  23. That is sooo cute. Men like him are hard to come by :)

  24. Gotta love that face – all ready to give a big slurpy kiss!!

  25. That’s so sweet :-)

  26. You have a one in a million guy there, and I mean that in a good way, in spite of that picture!

  27. LOVE. Seriously Pamela, you better watch yourself. Ladies all over are falling head over heels in love with Mike. Keep posting like this and he’ll have his own fan club.

    PS – The polar bear? Adorbs. I want polar bear notes. I get texts, which now, in comparison, seem cold & impersonal.

  28. Great job on all counts! I am not good at either marriage or fostering. You deserve a guy like your Mike. Happy weekend.

  29. Lol, I think he’s a keeper :)

  30. Does he have a clone? That’s the kind of guy I’m looking for.

    It’s good to know men like that actually exist.