A Month’s Worth of Dog Poo

I take them as cries for help. Those search terms that bring people to Something Wagging.

Here’s one that gave me pause: “How to dispose of month’s worth of large dog feces.” Wow. A month?!

I wrote a comprehensive post on the pros and cons of several methods of disposing of poop after the scoop. But I wasn’t thinking of getting rid of a month’s worth of the stuff.

Maybe they should try this:

Masai woman repairs her house with dung.

A Masai woman uses dung to repair her roof.

Or this:

An Indian woman paints her house with dung.

An Indian woman paints her house with dung.

Of course, you might want to put your dog on a vegetarian diet first. Cow and goat dung looks, feels, and smells a lot different than dog poop.

And here’s a thought. How about not waiting a month to clean up after your dogs?

Hours Away From the Fight of the Century

The ten o’clock bus takes us up to the airport to pick up the car. Soon we’ll know the winner: Hirsute Honey or the Hair Harvesting Hammock.

Honey the boxing golden retriever takes on The Hammock.

Make sure you’re here on Tuesday to learn the results. And for your chance to win a Hammock of your own from Kurgo (affiliate).

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Your Turn: Okay, I know cleaning up dog poop in the yard isn’t fun. But a month? What could you build with the largest amount of poop you’ve ever disposed of? A dog house? A shed? A MacMansion?

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photo credits: (Masai woman) Chrissy Olson via photopin cc, (Indian woman) Nagarjun via photopin cc. Click on the images to learn more about the photographers.

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  1. Wow that’s a lot of poo, don’t know if I want it on my house.

  2. A month?? Jeeze. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to dispose of just a few days worth. Right now we bury it in holes in our backyard but that’s a lot of holes over the course of a dog’s life.

    We’ll have to look into the composting systems you wrote about. That might work best for us since we already compost our food scraps.

  3. Yikes! I can’t imagine an entire month’s worth. I put old dog food bags to use and scoop the poop into that until they’re nearly full, then I dump it. I should note that my dog food bags are the foil type. I “used” to also use kitty litter bags in the same manner (made of paper) until the bottom burst on one as I was carrying it across my patio to dump it into the trash…and poop went everywhere. Gross is an understatement.

    I cursed. A LOT.

  4. Its amazing what some people will save…….maybe some day we’ll find out that there’s a load of money to made off of poop!

  5. We had a service that picked ours up at the house and now that we live in the apartment, we try to dump ours in composting bins in the neighbourhood and make sure to use the appropriate composting bags, though we have been known to flush it as well. I can’t imagine leaving a month at once. YUCK/

  6. Wow… a whole month’s worth of poop. I don’t think I even want to know! lol

  7. Now that we have four dogs, I clean up their poop every other day so the most I can create with our pile is one nasty poop shoe. Or maybe a pair of sandals.

  8. Daddy once left the garden for a week before cleaning up and that was pretty bad, so now he does it at least every other day. Obviously in the park we clean up straight away

  9. A months worth??! I get annoyed when I go to the ex’s house and there is some in the flower bed that isn’t cleaned up straight away!!

  10. A months worth??? I wouldn’t be able to see the grass in my yard if I waited that long….it would be solid poop! I tried the composting system, with no luck. Now it just goes into a baggie and then into the garbage. The poor garbage man…..