A Little Shade – Wordless Wednesday

Despite not speaking English, Honey makes her feelings known.

Sometimes she even casts a little shade.

Honey casts shade on the Battery in Charleston.

It’s bad enough that you’re acting like a tourist and taking dumb pictures. Couldn’t you at least find some shade?

Honey the golden retriever finds shade in Charleston.

Me: Is this better Honey?
Honey: Much.

Your turn: What do your pups think of you taking pictures?

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  1. My girls don’t really mind that much. And Callie even seemed to enjoy it. Kissy didn’t seem to mind it, either.

  2. Both girls will pose, but Tess is a photobomber. I try to take lots of pictures of my fosters, and somehow, Tess manages to be in many of them, looking directly at the camera.

  3. As you can see I post no pictures of them. They hide for the rest of the day if they see a camera. And the telephone camera no longer fools them.

  4. Harley basks in it. Jaxson – still doesn’t really have the whole “pose and stay still” routine down yet. We’re working on it. How are you liking Charleston?

  5. Cole doesn’t seem to care either way. It’s my mom, she comes with a camera attached.
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. Haha! Honey throwing shade? I can’t imagine that. Haley’s pretty cooperative with pictures but every once in awhile, she’s in a mood where it seems like she’s actually glaring at the camera with squinty little eyes, lol!

  7. Honey is so cute!

    Zoe can be weird out in the environment and doesn’t like posing that much. Phoenix doesn’t mind it!

  8. I love it. When Mom says photo shoot, I’m right there front and center. If I hear the camera and she has not called for me, I go racing into the room to see why I’m not being photographed. I love modeling.

  9. Honey really is photogenic. Our dogs, on the other hand, don’t stay still when we take pictures. Sometimes, they even bark at the camera. (Do they even know what it is?). But when I get to capture a really good photo, it’s only because it was just the right timing (which happens quite rarely). But I love them nevertheless 🙂

  10. She’s so pretty!

  11. Our Abby was a total super model and loved the camera. Rita doesn’t like it! Even making goofy noises to try to get her to look my way doesn’t work!

  12. I think I recognize Charleston. Have you seen Rainbow Row yet? An employer of mine–early 80’s–owned one of them. Simply gorgeous!

  13. BJ Pup (Lynda) says:

    BJ used to look at me and the camera and at the last moment turn away.

  14. If it means food….go right ahead!

  15. Turns out, Mia doesn’t like the clicking of my DSLR camera! At least with my phone, I can turn the camera sound off. She’s a sensitive one.

  16. Since it requires sitting still, the girls aren’t much into it. But Luke has gotten to where he really enjoys posing for the camera!

  17. Pawsome photos with some great background scenery. Course seeing you and Honey in the foreground ain’t shabby either [wink]. Hope you’re enjoying your travels-it’s so much fun for us to see them vicariously. ღ