A Little Luxury?

Okay, it’s not very nice of me. But when I go camping I get snarky.

But I’ve learned my lesson.

Maybe a little luxury ain’t a bad thing.

Campsite at Janes Island State Park.

The view from our tent.

Some state parks, where we do most of our camping, save the best spots for RVs.

On our current camping trip, to get a waterfront view, we reserved a site with electricity.

Usually I laugh at the RV “campers” with their holiday lights, televisions, and air conditioning.

But with a heat index of 104º F (40º C), I was happy to take my sister’s suggestion that we bring a fan.

Honey the golden retriever lies in a tent with a fan.

You make fun of those RV folks all you like, I’ll be heading next door to beg for a little steak and a few minutes in air conditioning to watch Animal Planet.

After all, we can’t have the little pooter getting hot, can we?

Your Turn: What’s your idea of luxury? Sleeping in a tent under the stars? Or surrounding yourself with cool, conditioned air, refrigerated food, and your favorite shows just steps away?


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  1. We don’t run the AC, and we don’t have TV. But, I do like my own bed and my comfy chair.

    • Since we we sold our sleeping bags and pads, I’m really missing a comfy bed too. This ground is hard.

      BTW, for me the laughter comes thinking of people who leave their house full of stuff behind to go on vacation towing a house full of more stuff. I wonder what they’re getting away from.

      It’s little different when your RV is your full time home, don’t you think? :)

  2. I could care less about watching TV, but getting a good night’s sleep is very important to me! I need A/C with the kind of heat there’s been lately. I love the outdoors but oddly, not camping. I could do one of those true luxury tents that some resorts set up with the real bed and oriental carpets, but sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag sure isn’t for me!

    • I used to find sleeping on the ground fine–until I sold my sleeping bags and pads. Now I’m starting to appreciate the idea of luxury tent camping myself. :)

  3. A change of scenery is always nice.

  4. I prefer “glamping” too. No bathrooms? I’m not there. LOL

  5. We’re all about tent camping in our family! Its Bear and Scooters favorite thing to do, so I’m hosting a Camping With Dogs series on my blog this Summer :) I agree with you about campgrounds catering to RV’s and I am completely bummed by that- we do a lot of dispersal camping for this reason.

    • Honey and I are fine with barebones camping. But my husband is a luxury addict so we’re restricted to car camping. After all, we’ve gotta have his lawn chair. :)

      Like your idea for a camping series. I think one of the reasons camping is so fun is because it allows us to live a little more like dogs, at least temporarily.

  6. To me, sitting in an air-conditioned RV just is not camping. I grew up camping with the Girl Scouts, at Girl Scout camp on the East End of Long Island. We slept in huge tents with raised, wooden floors. And took care of nature calls in latrines that we all had to take turns cleaning with PineSol. (To this day I cannot stomach the smell of that stuff.)

    • My husband was a Boy Scout himself. Funny how every time he goes camping he comes up with another “I hate camping” story to tell me. :)

  7. The only luxury I totally insist on is the one that flushes.

  8. I love tent camping…I always laugh and the people in their RV’s with their big lazy boys chairs and television. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

    • I do see the appeal in RV living if it’s your only home. But I really don’t understand why anyone would simply move everything from their one home into their temporary home and take it with them.

      But looking around the campground, you and I are definitely in the minority.

  9. I’ve got to admit – when I saw Honey with the fan in the tent, I hollered out-loud! Too funny. And this post is written by a lady who plans to live on a boat? #justchecking. Seriously, I can relate – my definition of “camping?” Holiday Inn baby :)

  10. The last time I went camping I was about eighteen years old. Never again. I would rather have one night at the Ritz than a week of bugs, dirt, and yucky bathroom. Honey, next time tell your folks you would rather go glam (and cool). You can stay with me for the night.

    • Y’know I hated camping when I was 18 too. I got into it later. So maybe there’s hope for you yet.

      Of course, Honey would be happy to stay with you any time we go camping on a hot night. :)

  11. The only camping I will do is in a hotel. :p

    • Actually, I’ve stayed in some hotels that weren’t nearly as clean as my tent. And I don’t want to tell you what I’ve found under the bed that never turned up under my sleeping bag. :)

  12. We don’t camp often – love the nature part, hate the sleeping on teh ground part. The luxury I need when we camp is a really good air mattress, but even with that, I usually can’t sleep. The other luxury is to bring my brother along – he’s great at planning and cooking the food! :)

  13. Mom is not a camper. She will spend all day out in the woods, but at night, she needs a nice hotel room. For us, camping is a Motel 6 which we don’t like but it beats a tent with heat, bugs, no bathroom, etc. The fan was a good idea, though, we had one along last weekend at our nose work trial where the heat index was over 100 and we were sitting in a parking lot most of the day.

    • Yeah, normally I like to go pretty minimal. But I was worried about Honey and my husband with the heat index of 104.

      It was a good call even if I did have to laugh at myself.

  14. We absolutely love to camp and can’t wait to bring Rae! Definitely have to remember to bring a fan!

  15. I’ve tried the camping and while I can do it, I prefer not to. It’s just not my thing. Give me my AC any day! I don’t need the TV but I need the AC. :-)

    • Ha, I’m just glad to get away from the AC. Here in MD, every business cranks it up. And we run it in the car for Honey so I’m always wearing a sweater and shivering.

      I guess you and I shouldn’t plan a road trip together, eh?

  16. I can do the “roughing it” thing as long as I can take a shower once a day. It can even be a cold shower, but no shower is a deal breaker, lol!

    • I’m trying to adjust to taking fewer showers (I do love them) for life on the boat.

      Luckily this state park had a newly renovated bathhouse with state of the art showers. It was better than my shower in my house.

  17. I would definitely be a glamper if I went anywhere, although I don’t care about a TV, could possibly live without a computer, but no comfy bed, shower or toilet and I’m outta there!

    • Actually with your location so close to the beach, I can’t see why you’d feel the need to sleep anywhere but home. :)

  18. I’m not much of a camper. I do have a scaled-down car that’s paid for, but lately I’ve been dreaming of a more comfy vehicle. It’s just a dream at this point, because I don’t want to take on a car payment, and couldn’t afford payments on the kind of luxury I’m wanting.

    • I’ve been car-free for 3 years but recently rented a car to deal with our transition. I have to admit, finding a comfy car is quite nice (our first rental was a Kia Sol and it was amazingly comfortable). Especially if you have to drive a lot for your work.

      I guess you’re not playing the lottery, eh?

  19. Ugh…40C? I’ll stop my complaining about the low 90’s F here. Hope you find a bit more cooling luxury soon. 😉

  20. When we had an RV, we always thought that the tenters got the best sites! That’s because we were always looking for the most remote and private sites you could find for an RV (and it was not easy!).

  21. Lol, there are two reasons I got an evil RV (I snarked at RVers for many many years while communing with nature in my beloved tents): air conditioning for the dogs and a toilet for me :->